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In Line Undersink Water Filters | Kits | Systems| Replacement

We can supply you with new in line filters. These usually go under your sink.

These filters can replace a wide variety of brand name cartridges. They can also be used for a range of applications that involve in line filtration such as vending machines, and so on.

Your In Line Filter Options.

Option 1) Replacement In line water filter cartridges - Info and Brands

Option 2) A New Undersink Water Filter Kit

Option 3) Keep your own tap / 15mm copper pipe inline water filters

Plus check out our Boats / Caravans inlines / Anti Bacterial etc

Option 1

Replacement Filter Cartridges for In Line Water Filters

Typical makes we can replace directly or retro-fit include

Aquadial... AquaShield... Astracast... B and Q...Blondell... Bristan Empura... Brita... Filtamate... General Ecology / Seagull... Homebase inlines... Liff... Omnipure... Salamader... Sodastream Filterstream... Rangemaster... Screwfix... Stilo... Tapmate.. Wickes ... and more

Top quality taste and odour in line water filter using Granular Activated Carbon technology to remove contaminants such as chlorine.

The problem with in line water filters is that there are lots of different makes out there.

Unfortunately many of the companies who supplied them only last a couple of years and may have left you high and dry when your replacement is due.

Or you may feel you are paying too much for your replacements.

The good news is that we can help you.

We have developed a top quality generic replacement filter that fits many different makes of water filter cartridges.

Get great filtration for fantastic value.

Why These In Line Filters Can Be Interchanged

Will It Fit My Existing Water Filter?

Micron Size

Ordering Details

Why In Line Water Filters Can Be Interchanged

The great majority of water filters are carbon based filters. And the great majority of carbon filters basically consist of burnt coconut shell.

It is a question of exactly how it is moulded into the required shape during the manufacturing process.

Like these other inline filters our cartridges consist of carbon shaped into small beads (ie Granular Activated Carbon / GAC).and placed inside a hard cartridge case

The main thing to look for in any filter is what micron size the cartridge filters down to.

Our in line filter is a top quality cartridge that filters down to 20 micron size - the most common size in most domestic in line water filters.

What's This About Micron Size

20 micron cartridges are the standard size for good quality taste and odour in line water filters.

A micron is a millionth of a meter, so 100 microns is a tenth of a milli-litre. A human hair is about 100 microns in diameter. 1 micron is a fairly unusual size so if you know that your filter is 1 micron you would need to check if there is any specific reason for that.

If Your Current Filter Has a Smaller Micron Size this Might because it Simply Sounded Good at the time to whoever Bought the Filter.

But perhaps it is supposed to stop a specific contaminant like bacteria?

The best way to filter out bacteria is using filtration methods such as Ultra violet filters or Reverse Osmosis or a combination of approaches – so an inline filter is not necessarily the best approach for that anyway.

The best way to determine if the standard in line filter is right for you is to check on the following:

Do you have a private water supply? If you aren't on the normal mains / municipal supply then you might need special filtration. (Click here to see solutions to specific drinking water problems).

Do you have another special water supply situation – for example you might have lead pipes… or a special health condition. If so this might be a good time to review what the best water filter solution would be for you. (Click here to see our problem / solution chart).

Will It Fit My Existing Water Filter?

Yes, it will. It is simply a question of the type of connection on your current filter.

Connection Types - Check this before ordering

Your filter either has a Male or Female connection.

Click here for prices and further details on the MALE type

Click here for prices and further details on the FEMALE type

Option 2

A New Undersink Water Filter Kit

This is a good option for anyone on a budget who wants to drink clean purified tap water and stop spending money on environmentally unfriendly bottled water.

You get a top quality taste and odour in line water filter using Granular Activated Carbon technology to remove contaminants such as chlorine.

You will need to change the cartridge every 6 months.

Replacements for existing customers are currently £13.95.

We send you a free reminder to change the cartridge

Changing is very easy.

Next day delivery (on orders received before midday Mon to Fri)

Click here for prices and further details

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


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