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Instructions for Installing your Fridge Filter

NB Pictures are supplied with the kit

1) Remove Old Filter

a) Turn off water supply to fridge.

b) Open fridge tap to relieve pressure.

c) Take old filter and disconnect tubing from both ends

d) Remove old plastic nuts and discard

2) Check your in / out Tubes

Make sure the ends are cut squarely. If in doubt cut a new end using scissors or better still a razor knife. The aim is to get a reasonably straight edge. Old customers can now go to part (3) below

If you are a new customer:

(A) Confirm Tube size is correct. It should be ¼ inch Outside Diameter. It should fit neatly into the plastic nuts. (If different contact us to buy simple converters).

(B) Insert one tiny plastic stopper into the end of each tube. (These are in the small plastic bag).

3) Fitting Your New Filter

a) Unscrew the plastic nuts at both ends of the new filter. (You can discard the dummy tube inserts)

b) Check flow direction is correct (see in-out arrows on the filter). Select your first tube.

(Tip check you have correct tube for the correct inlet / outlet end of the filter).

Checkout this quick video on how to fit the compression nuts to your fridge filter

c) Unscrew the plastic nut on the end of the filter and push your tube through the centre ie so the nut is hanging loose on the tube.

Then push tube end into the fitting on the filter. Make sure it goes all the way in. It should go in approx a centimetre. (Tip: Twist as you push it in).

d) Now slide nut down to thread on the filter. Screw nut onto the filter to finger tight.

e) Then tighten it properly with a spanner. Caution: DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. ONE MORE TURN with spanner after finger-tight should suffice. Tip: When fully tight there should be a gap of 1.5mm between the nut and the screw end on filter.

5) Check the connection by pulling on end of tube. If it comes out repeat above steps.

Now repeat above procedure with other tube / other end of filter.

When both ends are connected

6) Flush the New Filter Through. Turn water supply to fridge back on and run water through for two minutes plus. This is to remove natural carbon dust and trapped air.

7) Check for leaks when flushing AND double check for leaks 10 minutes later

Finally you can reset your fridge light by pressing ice button and child lock together for 3 plus seconds.

Your fridge light alert should go on after 6 months (NB it is set on time rather than usage). We will also send you reminders by email for easy reordering.

Any Problems? Please Telephone 0800 009 6611 Please note your feedback and any suggestions as to how we can improve our service are always appreciated.

Water Filter instructions / Guides for fitting and installing

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