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Instructions for Installing your Whole House Filter

DO NOT remove the factory fitted male 1” BSP fittings, the perforated stainless steel washer and the 22mm copper pipes as this will allow the water treatment media to escape!

When mounting the unit, care should be taken to allow for adequate clearance for disconnection and replacement of the unit on a periodical basis.

A drain cock should be fitted on the pipe work at the base of the unit to allow for initial flushing and subsequent drain down for replacement.

It is highly recommended that a by-pass should be fitted around the unit to allow for isolation and easy replacement.

The unit must be fitted vertically. (Flow must be from the bottom to the top of the unit). Please note the inlet stamp on the end of the unit – this is important to ensure optimum flow. NB: If you cannot see the inlet stamp look inside either end of the guide pipes one end has a circular pattern this is the inlet the other end has a grid like pattern this is the outlet.

This stainless steel unit is rated at a maximum operating pressure of 8 BAR. In certain areas and buildings (blocks of flats, etc.) water pressure can rise considerably at night. It is highly recommended to fit a pressure reducing valve before the unit.

Fitting should only be attempted by a qualified plumber or experienced DIY enthusiast and the installation should comply with up to date WRAS and drinking water regulations.

The unit should be flushed by turning on the nearest cold water tap and left to run for 3-2 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in the case of the multi tube units the tubes must be joined together in parallel using a manifold configuration to allow the water to flow through each tube at the same time.

No liability will be accepted in the event of faulty installation of this product.

Technical helpline is available on purchase.

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