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Recycling Reverse Osmosis Filters

Recycling Used Reverse Osmosis Filters

There are various filters to consider here:

The two Top Filters

Filter 1 is a basic inline cartridge - Click here for information on how to recycle this

Filter 2 the remineralsing filter is the same principle as Filter 1 for the plactic casing.

But the media inside is different. It’s full of stones (not carbon) which you can put in your garden or discard.

The Lower Housings

These are the same as the undersink types. Click here to see how to recycle these

But note particularly the section on the Warning about Composting Old Carbon

The Membrane

This is the filter you change every three years.

It is the main filter on the RO unit, filtering everything out of the water and is full of goodness knows what. This is best disposed of into landfill.

Disposing of an Old Reverse Osmosis Filter System

If you are throwing out a very old RO filter; First, try not to.

RO units should last for years. If it's a question of finding cartridges have you asked us if we can help?

However if the unit is broken and needs disposing of then they are basically made of plastic and metal

The plastic will most likely be recyclable Polypropylene (PP ie PP5).

If you throw it in the bin it will go into landfill where it will take about 20 to 30 years to decompose. So please recycle it.

Many (but not all) UK councils will accept PP5 in the standard recycling / collection bin.

The metal should be recyclable. Check with your council if you can put it in your recycling / collection bin or if you need to take it to their local recycling depot.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the above information please don't hesiate to let us know. Please contact us

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