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Whole House Water Filter

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Product CODE: WHS 5000

What you get

  • 1 x High Quality Whole House Water Filter 
  • 20L / Min Flow Rate - Suitable for Average Size Homes
  • Powerful Active Ceramic Filtration
  • Huge Reduction of Contaminants In Your Water  Supply
  • Easy Instructions
  • No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if not Totally Satisfied - for any reason
  • Plus 3 Year Full Parts Warranty
  • See more product details and Reviews


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Product Description

The Family Protector

An incredibly powerful water filter. New to the market.

Suitable for normal size family homes, up to 4 bedrooms, one main bathroom.

Fantastic value: You only pay 50p a day - over 2 years - to get high quality water to every tap in your home.

Never buy another bottle of mineral water again.

Bathing and showering will feel so much better.

Sent by next day courier from our UK Warehouse. Fully insured.

"I oversee businesses and can quickly spot problem areas and how they could be improved but your service was perfect - good low price, fast efficient no hassle - so rare these days. Thank you." Susan Quayle


Read More About How the Filter Works - Click Here

whole house in line



  • Sleek stainless steel unit
  • Extremely compact / small
  • Very simple to install 
  • Revolutionary new filtration media

  • Absolutely no maintenance required 
  • Uses no power 
  • Filters your entire water supply
  • Water is made more alkaline / less acidic improving taste

  • Normal minerals left intact in water
  • Removes some harmful bacteria 
  • Green alternative to mineral water
  • Water quality is as good as mineral water

  • British designed and made - reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your "consumer goods miles"
  • Totally recyclable - we take back your old unit to refurbish
  • Tea and coffee are less acidic 


What it Does

This is a beautifully compact whole house filter that packs a powerful punch! 

Filters all the water throughout your property - for drinking, cooking, bathing etc

Removes up to 99% of chlorine, organic contaminants, VOCs (potentially toxic "volatile organic compounds"), and other harmful impurities.

Works in flats and properties of all sizes (check for your right size unit)


About the Filtration Method

Patent pending active ceramic beads comprising a mixture of dissimilar metals and minerals.

Active ceramics are a recent development in the production of specially designed, dedicated ceramics.

When immersed in water these Active Ceramics display physical properties of semiconductivity, magnetic properties and light emission (in the far infrared spectrum).

The effect is similar to a miniature electric cell.

As water passes through the filter the action on the beads creates an electrolytic effect. This eliminates the impurities from your water.

Read more about How the Filter Works

Please note that as with any water treatment product results will vary, depending on the water system, water flow and water type in each household. However please rest assured that our Money Back Guarantee applies to any property. 


The active ceramics "Biocera (TM) " filtration media inside the whole house filter is NSF certified. This is the internationally recognised American standard for drinking water media and products. (See proof)

The active ceramic beads have also been classified as an approved product under the Water Byelaws Scheme - since replaced by the "Water Regulations Advisory Scheme" (WRAS) as ‘suitable for use in contact with potable water’.


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Technical Information

Average flow rate of 20 Litres per minute.

Hardly any pressure loss. Max 4%.

Max water pressure 8 BAR.

Suitable for combination boilers.

Requires no electrical or other power or salt and can be left to produce super quality water throughout the home and garden.

How to check the water flow rate in your house

How Long Does the Filter Last?

It lasts 24 months.

No maintenance is required during this time.


Fitting the Filter

This is a very simple "water in / water out" device.

Fitting the unit would simply require a plumber or handyman who can cut pipes to put the filter in line on your water pipe.

The job should take approx 2 hours. (It is often a lot quicker).

Full instructions are supplied for the plumber.

We supply the filter with pre-fitted 22mm  simple copper pipe ends. So your installer simply needs 22mm "straight connectors" to connect the copper filter ends onto your existing pipe.

(We offer John Guest easy fit straight connectors for a small extra fee at the checkout stage).

Fitting a simple bypass is optional but is always recommended for any whole house water filter.


Replacing the Unit

You will need to replace the used filter every 2 years.

We send you a free reminder to change it

Totally recyclable... ... you send back the old filter. We refurbish it.

Basically your old filter is exchanged for a new one.

Price for renewing the unit is £315 - assuming you send us back the original for recycling - for which we give you a £50 refund.

(Just to be clear you pay £365 for the new unit and get refunded £50 after you send the old unit back to us for recycling).


The active ceramics have won NSF42 approval. This is the internationally recognised American standard for drinking water media and products. (See proof)

Read full details on how active ceramic filtration works


Body is 215mm long x 80mm diameter

Add 140 mm for the fitting and tube = 355mm x 80mm diameter

Weight 2.5 Kilos

Inlet / Outlet - 22mm

 whole of house filter dimensions


Extremely Compact

The unit is about the size of a small box of cereal.

It fits easily into a narrow kitchen base unit or small cupboard or toilet.

It requires no electrical or other power or salt and can be left to produce super quality water throughout the home and garden.

Need a Plumber?

We've sold a lot of these units and have a list of recommended plumbers in each area who've already fitted one. Simply let us know your postcode and we'll connect you with your nearest one. Call us on Freephone 0800 009 6611 or email us for further details.


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Product CODE WHS 5000 I WHS-5000 I WHS5000



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With FREE Delivery

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Purchase with Total Confidence

Three Year Warranty

Plus your

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

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Ratings & reviews

Well worth the money - Review by Chris
We have had the water filter installed for a fortnight now and from day 1 that it was installed the water has improved no end. We moved into a hard water area and the water tasted not good and left a film on our skin. The water filter has drastically improved.

Using the recommended push fit fittings it was really easy to be installed.

Anybody looking at this may seem it a bit expensive but as a one off cost of £365.00 but if you break it down it is 50p a day and for that it is nothing and for the water quality it is excellent value.
Installed and working - Review by Stewart Killick
I suggest people draw off a glass of water before installing the filter - so that after the new filter is up and running you can have the pleasure of a taste off. Underlining why you invested in the filter in the first place.
Took 15 minutes to fit - Review by Mr Youle
I'm a builder and am happy to report that all the specifications were good. The product out of the box is exactly as described.

It only took me 15 minutes to fit but I did have easy access to my water mains pipe. So do most properties, but if it is difficult to access the mains pipe a plumber might take longer (and your customers should note: they do not need a CORGI registered "heating gas engineer". A builder or handyman who can do basic plumbing will be able to do this job easily. )

The product itself is excellent. Does just what is says on the tin. Very happy
Very quick service - Review by Alan Lentle
I ordered the filter about 3pm on Thursday. We received it on Friday morning and I fitted it the same day. Already we have improvements. Shower glass cleaner, not having to use hair conditioner, itching irritation improving. No drop in water pressure on the shower.
Love this product and the improvement to our quality of life - Review by Aiysha
I started using this product after a contact dermatitis and allergy diagnosis. The difference/improvement is indescribable. The water not only tastes amazing, it also has a perceptible change in texture and every one loves it at our house. It also seems to be protecting the appliances too - the kettle doesn’t get gunked up anymore and neither do the taps. When showering the water feels refreshing and there is no chlorine smell either. And the support from UK Water Filter’s is also faultless. Always helpful and courteous. Can’t recommend this product enough.

Very happy with the filter and the customer service. - Review by Mohammod Rahman
I have purchased a whole house water filter from uk water filters and I am very happy with the filter and the customer service.

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

See more great reviews on us at
very happy - Review by Daphne
I’m not sure whether this counts but not only are we happy with the filter but an unexpected bonus is that it appears to make the water softer. We live in a very hard water area - close to the White Cliffs of Dover! I have noticed since the filter has been fitted neither the kettle nor the coffee machine get furred up. You don’t advertise it as a water softener but it does appear to have a softening effect.
Works well - Review by Ranjit Dhillon
It's much better for our skin. Very happy with what it removes. Recommended
Excellent - Review by Ken Upton
Excellent. I'm on my second one. I would recommend this to anyone
good - Review by Julian
Very good company to buy from
really pleased - Review by Lawrence VanderMolen
I'm really pleased the filter, it does what it says on the tin! It keeps the water clear and reduces hard water and build up on shower and does make it feel softer.
Has made a difference and feels a lot better showering with the filter than it does without.
excellent filter - Review by Mr Foster
We renewed our filter twice and and think the filter is great.

We even got a recycling refund for sending the old one back.

This is a brilliant filter compared to systems other systems that are on the market.

really happy with filter - Review by Martin
The water filer is doing its job so far. We are in a horrible water area and it has kept the washing machine clear and less fur on the kettle. There has been no issues and this is our second filter. The filter doesn't clog up at all so it is great.
We are in a high chlorine area and the water has really improved with the filter.
does what it says on the tin! - Review by Lawrence
I'm really pleased with it, it does what it says on the tin! It keeps the water clear and reduces hard water and build up on shower and does make it feel softer.
Has made a difference and feels a lot better showering with the filter than it does without.
returning customer - Review by Chris Bartlett
When we first installed the filter there was a great deal of a difference. We recently replaced the old filter for a new one. It's great not having any chlorine in the water

Brilliant - Review by Tim
Filter is absolutely fine. Originally bought the larger unit but we didn't need it anymore so we got this smaller unit which works just as well. We did have a bit of an issue with particles coming through at first but that has stopped now.
water quality is very good - Review by Mangal
Its working fine, the water quality is very good. I been using these filters for the past few years. Can't smell any chlorine at all. The water tastes so much better.
kids love it! - Review by Matt
very pleased with it, water tastes really nice, my kids notice it and can tell difference when they have it at school. we fill the kids water bottles up with the tap water so it saves a tonne on bottled water. I have also noticed the water has less of a smell now with the filter when showering.
5 star quality filter - Review by Chris Fowler
I find it good. No complaints at all. Where I am the chlorine content seems to vary a lot even throughout the night, but if you run the water for a bit it disappears so it must just be a buildup in the pipe. Other than that no problems at all. In terms of the quality of water its very good.
5* - Review by Tom Campton
I have been very happy with it, it's our 3rd replacement filter now and always gives very good results. We will definitely come back to you for the next replacement.
very happy customer - Review by Mrs Jackson
we are very happy with it and will definitely renew again when the time comes
happy with the filter - Review by Christopher Collins
Have had about 4 or 5 of these filters from you now and they have all been fine. We have a plumber to fit it and had no problems with it.

We think that the latest model new design is better than older one

It has worked for removing chlorine which has been good and it is just about knowing the water if filtered and it it is consistent.

noticeable improvement - Review by Graham
Yes I received the filter and fitted it myself, a really easy job! A noticeable improvement in the water quality and so much easier than using filter jugs!
taste improved already - Review by Derek
Only recently been installed and so far seems to be working well. The taste has improved already and decent value for money over the 2 years.
GREAT PRODUCT - Review by Peter
Would highly recommend this product. Its small but very effective an i can certainly notice the difference in the quality of the water already.
Thank you - Review by Mrs D
The filter is fitted and working fine and actually arrived the day after it was ordered
No more water tasting like a swimming pool - Review by Simon
The filter has been fitted and is working really well. Thanks again for your excellent service. We'll be coming back to you in 2 years time for the next filter.
Comprehensive solution for whole house - Review by Miro
I have replaced mine 3 times already. Water quality is significantly better. I actually prefer our filtered tap water to any bottled one (I don't like unfiltered tap water as it has 'chemical' taste).
The filter has to be replaced every 2 years which is fair.
One piece of advice, when installing the first filter make sure it's done properly (either by a plumber or you): have a bypass and use Speedfit fittings for the filter itself. It will make replacement of the filter a piece of cake (just redirect water flow to the bypass, pull out the old filter, refit the Speedfit fittings onto the new one and push it back in place).
no more chlorine whiff! - Review by Mrs S. Manchester
The water filter is neat and incredibly small for the job it will be doing for the next two years.
The difference in the taste of our water is really noticeable AND no more chlorine whiff!
The water feels different on the skin it has a ‘thicker’ almost soapy feel to it. It reminds me of when we had a water softener when we lived in Bournemouth. Although we are supposed to have soft water now we are back ‘up North’ it has never been as good as the lovely ‘polished’ water we used to get from the softener. The filter seems to do the same sort of ‘polishing’ even though it’s not a water softener!
All the family are trying to get used to not having to use filter jugs, - I do not miss cleaning them out and changing the filters every month. Nor do I miss having to wait for the water to trickle into the jug before I can drink it or fill the kettle. It has been a long time since we enjoyed drinking water straight from the tap.
The dogs seem to like it too… though I am not sure they are reliable enough to give any feedback as they also like drinking from muddy puddles!
makes a big difference - Review by charlie
I am on my 4th one now . Great to look forward to having a glass of water
Fantastic! - Review by Larry
The filter was installed the day it arrived. These things are fantastic! If it keeps performing at this level for the next two years I will be one very happy man!

Your customer service is really commendable. The whole process has been flawless.

I take care of a few other properties and I am recommending this filter to them.
brilliant! - Review by Happy Man
I have only had my filter in for a few days now, but I can say it is worth every penny. I don't have itchy skin after my shower, laundry is cleaner, soap scum and scale are greatly reduced. The filter is 5 star and the customer service is 10 star. If you are thinking of water filters or water softeners, give this one a go. Huge thanks for a quality product and quality customer service.
Very good - Review by Richard
This is our second purchase. Great filter from a good company who care
it certainly works well - Review by David
Was surprised at how small the unit seemed. But it's heavy... and it certainly works well. It sits under the stairs and doesn't take up any space - or attention. Just works away. Very happy with the result
Excellent product - Review by Mrs S
Have just renewed our water filter again for the second time. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the great service. Specially like being able to recycle the old filter.
great support team - Review by Nick
I have indeed received the filter unit that I ordered and am in the process of installing it.It is good of you to follow up on customers' complaints/enquiries and many businesses do not deem customer satisfaction as important, which ultimately, will be detrimental to their businesses. You have shown good customer support and I wish you all the best in your business.Regards, Nick D
Highly recommend - Review by John
Followed the clear instructions … all went smoothly. I have recommended you to our local newspaper. Glad to be able to recommend a company that actually does, what they say they do: to quickly deliver the product, at a good price. John Adams