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Ultra Violet Sterilisation

Ultra Violet Sterilising Systems.

Our UV systems are ideal for treating private water supplies. ``Ultra Violet water filters are highly efficient at killing bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms that can be found in un-treated water.

The way they work is by passing water through a chamber which is flooded with Ultra Violet light.

The UV light shines powerfully through water passing along the unit, destroys the cell's DNA thereby neutralising it.


Typical Uses for UV systems

If you have a private water supply ie get your
water supply from a well, borehole or river etc.

How to get the right UV unit for your needs

The main criteria you need to consider is
what size unit you need.

This main factor this depends on is the flow rate
of your water.

You may also need to consider what electrical
power you have available.

When you have established these, please
refer to your UV filters selection table.


Importance of choosing a high quality UV unit

To choose the best UV for your needs you also
want to make sure it is a high quality and not
low quality UV unit.

This is because you want to make sure the UV
you are using is reliable.

If the UV unit fails you might, at best, end up
with a bad stomach.

At worst - for example if you ingest micro organisms like
cryptosporidium - you could have serious health problems
that last for several months.

See below for More on High vs Low Quality UV Water Filters.


Other essentials

Finally all UV water filters should have a suitable pre-filter
to remove any waterborne particles or debris.

These will create a "shadow" behind which some
micro organisms, like bacteria, might be able to hide.
This prevents the UV light neutralising them.

Your recommended pre-filter for each UV model
depends on your local water quality. We can
advise you on this.


Further information

More on High vs Low Quality UV Water Filters

How to find your water's flow rate

Ultra Violet filters selection table

Solar Power 12V DC and Other non-mains electricity sources

When to turn off your UV lamp

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices and Ordering

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More about High vs Low Quality Ultra Violet Water Filters

As stated above you need to buy a well made,
high quality unit and avoid low quality UV filters.

Some of the differences are:

A low quality unit has no inbuilt warning system,
and / or no lamp-life count down indicator - which
gives you a pre-warning that the lamp needs replacing.

Low quality units simply stop working, leaving you with
a sudden problem of no safe, filtered water.


How can you tell good from bad?

Notice that we say "low quality units". We don't say
"low priced" because often these low quality cheap
units - imported from the Far East, India or Eastern
Europe - are more expensive than the better ones.

As a website and not a shop that needs to cover its
high costs of rent, utilities and rates, we can offer
our high quality UVs at a reasonable price.


More benefits of good quality UV systems

Our high quality branded UV systems have high
frequency electronic controllers to start up and
run the lamp / bulb.

Lower quality UVs tend to use old style choke
and starter circuits to run the lamps.

The former are much more efficient thereby reducing
running costs. They operate the lamps more effectively
giving a better and more stable UV output. This helps
prolong the life of the lamp in operation.

Ironically some lower quality UVs use well-made lamps
supplied by trusted manufacturers like Phillips. But even
these will suffer from the old style choke and starter circuits.
The lamps won't work nearly as well. And they won't last as long.

Considering that a UV lamp costs around £100 plus to
replace, buying a cheaper unit will end up costing you
more in the long run.

Solar Powered UV 12V DC units and Other Non-Mains Power Solutions

For sites that do not have mains power available, we
can offer three sizes of UV units to run from 12V DC power
supplies. These units provide disinfection across a range of
flow rates from 7.5 L/min up to 22.7 L/min at a dosage of 30 mJ/cm2.

The highly efficient lamp controller provides constant
output current to the UV lamp as well as giving the user a
visual ‘lamp on’ indicator. Basically you hook up your alternative
power supply to a standard unit with a different controller on ie you
would be looking at wiring your solar panel directly into the ballast.

Please ask us for further details.




When to turn off your UV lamp

For holiday homes where you know that you are not going to be
there for say 6 months at a time, we would suggest switching the
unit off to save electricity and lamp usage i.e. you would then
get 2 seasons out of a lamp - rather than one. (Lamps have to
be changed every 12 months).

When you return to the holiday home, you should then
re-sanitise your whole system with bleach (just like when
you installed your UV unit in the first instance).

If you are only leaving the house for a few weeks,
then it would probably be easier to leave the unit on. 

Depending upon the model of the unit, the power usage
varies between 30 W to 48 W so not a huge amount.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is there a flow restrictor on the UVs eg for a 22L/ min
what happens if the flow exceeds that rate? ie it restricted?

A: There are no flow restrictors on the standard range of
units. Basically if you exceed the recommended flow you
will end up with less treatment. So it's best to overestimate
your usage. If you are concerned about exceeding it then
simply add a flow restrictor. These can be purchased
quite cheaply online.

Q: I want to fill up a storage tank on an off grid cottage
for a few minutes a week (using a 12v battery). We want
to save power by only turning on the bulb while we fill
up the water tank.

Will that reduce life of the UV bulb? (I assume we need to
change the bulb yearly regardless of how much we use it... but
will turning it on / off frequently break the UV bulb sooner?

A: The bulb would be fine. In fact you would only need to
change it after 2 years. Compared to having a bulb running
constantly for a year, the actual work time you get out of it is
severely reduced. But the 2 years takes the on and off switching
into account.

One thing we would like to mention is that it'd be almost
worthless uv'ing the supply when it's getting stored in a
water tank right after. Even completely air tight water tanks
have bacteria growing in the air space between the tank and
water, and the bacteria will be reintroduced there.

Assuming you're not using a top of the range tank, the problem is
usually a lot worse on the domestic setups. We recommend putting
a UV unit on the outlet supply for that reason. But then your unit
will be turned on for a lot longer than you wanted....

UV Filter Selection Table

Flow Rate
L / min
Typical Use
Feeds a drinking water tap
Small cottage
Average House Up to 3 Beds. Our best seller
3 to 4 beds house
5 beds plus house
60 plus
Commerce and Industry



Prices and Ordering

Owing to the range of combinations available and the
need to ensure you are getting the right system for your
precise needs, the best way forward is to give us further details
of your requirements - either on the phone, or via the quick
information form below - and we will get back to you very soon.

We have special offers going on all the time depending on
stock and availability so please call us for the latest deals 
on 0800 009 6611

Or fill in the quick enquiry form below for a rapid response.

Please tell us about where and/or why you need a UV filtration
For example "holiday cottage" Or simply leave it blank and enter your contact details and we'll call you
If you want us to contact you with a response / helpful information, please enter your contact details

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Further information

More on High vs Low Quality UV Water Filters

How to find your water's flow rate

Ultra Violet filters selection table

Solar Power 12V DC and Other non-mains electricity sources

When to turn off your UV lamp

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices and Ordering

Contact our UV specialists



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"Just wanted to say I searched tirelessly over the Internet for a company to supply water treatment for my spring water which was very close to failing the annual tests. Many companies didn't bother helping with queries and others the equipment was expensive. 

UK water filters spent time with me answering all my numerous questions and sorting out the right equipment which was better than anyone on the market. However I felt the service was excellent too. We fitted the equipment and had the water tested. 100% removal of bacteria and passed the test with flying colours.  

I just want to put on record what a find this company is and their staff. Well priced products that do the job brilliantly and excellent service.  I'm very impressed.
Andrew Clarkson


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