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Whole House Reverse Osmosis

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What you get
Product Description

The Total Home Protector

Totally purified drinking, cooking, and bathing water throughout the house for you and your family.

With this great filter you can ensure every tap in your home is safe from a huge range of problem contaminants like

- Hormones
- Microplastics
- Heavy metals
- Pesticides
- Fluoride
- Bacteria and viruses

And many more. (See Full List below)

New to the Market!

We have brought our many years experience in water treatment to develop this Gold Standard solution.

Large scale Reverse Osmosis systems have traditionally been too complex for most domestic customers.

This is because bigger capacity ROs require a lot of difficult maintenance. They were only really suitable for commercial situations.

Householders had to make do with a small under sink RO that only fed a small tap for their drinking and cooking water.

New! Plug and Play Whole of Property Reverse Osmosis

Our Response to a Growing Anxiety

We live in a world of increased anxiety about environmental health risks with regular alarming headlines about newly emerging problems with our water.

People would ask us

"Why can't I have a Reverse Osmosis filter for my entire house?"

Our standard answer was, as outlined above, that larger Reverse Osmosis units are just too complicated for normal householders.

But as the enquiries increased so did our determination to come up with a solution.

We are now delighted to present this great new "plug and play", easy to use Reverse Osmosis system designed to perfectly filter all the water in your home to the highest standard.

How it Works

The high performance Reverse Osmosis filter produces up to 3000 litres per day.

This feeds into a Storage Tank*.

Every time you turn on a tap in your property the water is pumped from the Storage Tank - how fast depends on your choice of water pump*

Totally Filtered Water On Demand 24/7

At the same time, the system instantly starts refilling the Storage Tank at the rate of around 150 litres per hour, until it's back up to full capacity.

(The system runs for up to 20 continuous hours per day.)

Considering that the average UK house uses 150 Litres per person per day a 1000L or 2000L Storage Tanks should  be more than enough.

You'd have to shower for over 3 hours in one go or run ten simultaneous baths to drain a 2000 litre tank. 

But don't worry, if you want more than 1000 or 2000 litres of water in reserve, for any reason, you can easily get a larger tank or link several together. (See Need More Water? below.)

Further Features

The Total Home Protector is a high quality, CE marked product.

It comes with all the best pre and post filters you need to ensure your total safety and guarantee peace of mind, including:

Full Disinfection

Part of the system is a top grade Ultra Violet disinfection system.

This ensures all the water coming from your taps is totally safe and that any risk of bacteria, virus or other micro-organisms have been removed.

Rebalancing Filter

RO produced water is acidic. This is bad for your body and gradually corrodes your pipe work. It can also cause staining of sinks and baths.

We supply a top quality rebalancing filter with the system.

Its micro-crystalline particles easily deal with the acidity problem and restructure the water into a more natural, healthy state.

Beautiful Tasting Water

RO produced water can taste a bit stony. Like hard mountain water.

This final "polishing" filter is packed with top grade Granular Activated Carbon that gives your water a beautiful, sweet taste your friends and family will love.

Optional Salt Softener

If you’re in a high limescale / hard water area it's best practice to fit a salt softener in front of the RO unit.*

We offer a salt softener as an optional extra.

The softener is simply to protect the expensive RO membrane filters.

(Note the Total Home Protector system will soften / descale all your water anyway i.e with or without the additional salt softener)

However, considering the additional £600 cost for the softener, plus the ongoing maintenance effort involved (i.e checking and filling the softener with salt every week or so), some customers might prefer to wait and see how long their membranes will last.

Normally the membranes should be changed every year (but they can last longer - it depends on your local water quality, amount of usage etc)

The system uses two powerful membranes. Current membranes cost is £70 each.

Some customers might not mind if the membrane changes are more regular.
For example instead of weekly salt maintenance they prefer to change the two membranes twice a year.

This saves them both effort and the cost of the salt.

Changing the membranes only takes a few minutes. You can tell when they need changing from the readout on the main RO unit.

Our optional salt softener is £600 from us. But any salt softener can be used so shop around.

If you already have a salt softener your installer should be able to rig it into the new system.

Please note You can easily retrofit the softener later.

Changing the Membranes

Usual change time is 12 months depending on your local water quality - and, if you're in a hard water area, whether or not you choose to have a salt softener in front of the system..

The easy-to-read pressure gauges on the unit will let you know when it's time to change the membrane.

Changing the membranes is easy. It will only take a few minutes.

You don't need a specialist. Any homeowner or tenant can change the membranes and all the other cartridges on the system

More on Salt Softener Maintenance

If you opt for a salt softener you will need to add salt to the softener regularly.

How often depends on local water hardness and your water usage. But you should check it weekly.

Simply look inside the brine tank and if the salt is getting low top it up with more salt .

System Stages Summary

  • Robust high quality 150 Litre Per Hour Reverse Osmosis filter.
    This filters all incoming water to your property.

  • Food grade Storage Tank with automated level refill switch.*
    This is fed by the Reverse Osmosis unit to give you a sufficient reserve of water for all your needs.

  • Prime High Flow UV filtration unit for total water sterilisation
    Gives you total peace of mid that all water leaving the Storage Tank is free from any nasties.

  • Carbon post filter
    This gives you a lovely sweet taste to the water

  • A Total Safe remineralising water restorer.
    RO water is acidic. This filter restores the water back to its natural state reduces it to its This reduces any acidity.

  • Water Pump*
    This ensures a strong flow from the Storage Tank into the property

  • Optional Salt Softener*
    Only required in hard water areas and even then optional - details below.

Further Details

What is Removed?

Click here to open the list of contaminants removed

Need More Water?

As and when you use any water the Storage Tank triggers the main unit to start filtering more. This ensures your water reserve is always high and you won't run out.

You can choose any size Storage Tank - customers usually opt for a 2000 litre tank which is more than enough for most UK households..

Basically you can have as many tanks as you like, of any size to make sure you never run out of the totally filtered water. The tanks are easily connected together. The Total Protector Reverse Osmosis unit will work away in the background, steadily filling them up.

Simply make sure your tank is "food grade" - these are very common.

Disadvantages of a Whole House Reverse Osmosis Filter

Your Water Bills Will Rise!

Unfortunately RO Membranes automatically reject a percentage of the water trying to squeeze through them. The water rejection rate of our system is around 35% This means your water bills will rise by 35%!

How much will that actually cost?

At the time of writing water costs around 0.19 pence per litre

Assuming average daily use per person is 150 Litres and 35% of the water is wasted this means 52.5 litres of water is wasted.

52.5 litres x 0.19p per litre is 9.97p per day

So the additional water cost will be around 10p per person per day

*plus Water Standing Charges - which won't change.

Power Cuts

The system relies on the electrical water pump so you need electricity to deliver the water into your taps.

So this will be affected if there's a power cut.

Mains water needs electricity too so if the power cut is serious mains water will also be affected.

However, in this scenario, considering you have a 1000 or 2000 litre storage tank full of water you will in many ways be at an advantage to your neighbours who rely on "on demand" mains water coming direct to their tap.

The storage tank is not pressurised or sealed. (They have simple hygiene covers.) So it should be relatively easy to access to draw water out by hand.


The Total Home Protection system can be fitted by any proficient handyman with plumbing skills.

You don't need a fully qualified CORGI heating engineer type plumber!

The installer simply needs to tap into the water supply (a self tapping valve is supplied) and connect each unit together in line using standard plumbing fitting parts.

They will need to position the filter unit and the tank in a suitable location.

Expect the job to take a day. But someone experienced could do it in three hours.

We have a list of independent local installers in each area who we can put you in contact with after purchase.

Annual Running Costs

Pre Filter 1 - 1 x £97 (Code FIL16S)
Pre Filter 2 - 1 x £23.97 (Code UKWF-PF-LD-10/5)
Membranes* - 2 x £70 (Code 2xMEM-WH)
UV Lamp - 1 x £139 (Code UV-LA-55W)
Post filter 1 - 1x £25 (Code ASC-REMIN)

Total Running costs £424.97

i.e £1.16 per day. Plus water waste of 10p per day per person. Plus water pump electricity

* Membranes might need more frequent changing if in a hard water area and no salt softener is used.


* All units marked with an asterisk are not included in the advertised price. This is because you might already have these on site, or you may want to vary them to your needs. We use the 2000 litre tank and the pump flow rate as common example sizes. You can easily source these from specialist online suppliers. (Ask us for recommendations.)

Summary of What You Get

The price includes:

  • Robust high quality 150 Litre Per Hour Reverse Osmosis filter

  • All required filter cartridges

  • Prime High Flow (45lpm) UV filtration unit for final check water sterilisation to make sure water leaving the Storage Tank is free from any bacteria etc

  • Post filter to give a lovely sweet taste to the water

  • The Total Safe remineralising water restorer.

*Not included in the price

You can easily source these yourself - if you don't have them already.

  • Food grade 1000 or 2000 Litre (or larger) Storage Tank with automated level refill switch to give you a sufficient reserve of water for all your needs.

  • Water Pump - to ensure a strong flow from the StorageTank into the property (You might not need this eg if you place the Storage Tank in your attic.)

  • Optional Salt Softener (You might not need if you’re in a soft water area or opt to change the mmembranes more often vs ongoing maintenance of filling the softener with salt. You can retro it this later.


Any Questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact us




Whole House Reverse Osmosis
Technical Information

Can you re-use the waste water?

Unfortunately you cannot put the rejected water back into the system feed. The system will simply reject it again.

But you could get the plumber to divert it to your garden etc (Its perfectly fine for plants or swimming pools.

More About the Storage Tank

Let's assume you choose a 2000 Litre tank.

Key Features to shop for

  • potable drinking water tank
  • Manufactured from WRAS Approved polymer.
  • MDPE medium density polyethene
  • UV stabilised for many years of outside use
  • DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31. (This ensures that water suppliers producing and distributing drinking water only use products that don’t cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.)

Positioning the Tank

Must not freeze!

The tank itself is very light food grade plastic. So on its own it only weighs a few kilos.

But water weighs 1kg per Litre. So a full 1000L tank will weigh one metric tonne.

Ensure sufficient support if you position the tank in your attic.

(Many UK properties used to hold reasonably large water storage tanks in the loft without issue. Some people simply place the Smart Tank where these tanks used to be.)

Main RO Unit

Fully Assembeld out-of-the-box unit

Installation kit included

All filters included

Inlet: 1/2" 

Outlet: 1/2" 

Dimensions: 447 x 482 x 381 mm

Power: 230v / 50 Hz 

Weight: 25.5 kg

Feed water requirements

pH = 6.5–8.5 TDS ≤ 1500 mg/L Hardness ≤ 10 meq/L* (<500 mg/L CaCO₃) *without softener Chlorine ≤ 0.5 mg/L Iron ≤ 0.3 mg/L Manganese ≤ 0.05 mg/L COD ≤ 5 mg O₂/L Total microbial count (TMC) ≤ 100 CFU/ mL Coliform index = none


More Info on the Pump

The water pressure booster pump delivers the water from the storage tank into your house at high speed. Works on demand: ie it waits for you to open a tap then springs into instant action. Delivery speed depends on size of pump. But typical speed could be up to 80 litres per minute. That's a lot. For example a kitchen tap on full at high pressure delivers about 17 lpm.

Bear in mind distance of tank from the property and any height difference ie you might need more power. This is easy for your installer or the pump retailer to advise on.

Pump Features to look for

  • Simple 'plug and play' set up
  • Centrifugal pumps last longer
  • Plug into a standard UK 3 pin plug (230V 0.65kw)
  • Get a High energy efficiency rating (eg EEI 0.42) to save you money
  • Safety features including auto shut down to prevent dry running (the biggest cause of water pump failure).
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