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Recycling Water Filters

How To Recycle Your Water Filter 

How We’re Going Green and Helping You to Recycle Your Water Filters

Regardless of the industry, there’s a growing recognition that we all need to face up to the climate crisis and how our activities impact our world.

At UK Water Filters we’ve always tried to be green. In fact a major reason for deciding to start the company was because water filters help reduce the use of plastic bottles. 

Now we want to reduce our carbon footprint even further.

There is a lot of unnecessary plastic used in the water filters business, both with the filter casings and, as with too many products, with the packaging.

We’re working on reducing our plastic usage by 80%

Meanwhile here is a guide to how you can recycle or re-use your water filter. 

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How to Recycle an inline fridge water filter cartridge How to Recycle an undersink water filter cartridge How to recycle a reverse osmosis ro water filter
Recycling Inline Types Recycling Undersink Types Recycling Reverse Osmosis


Recycling Anti-Scale Media/Powder

Unfortunately this is isn't recyclable at this time.

However it’s usually mixed with Granular Activated Carbon (the white particles are the anti-scale bits - the black stuff is the carbon) in refillable cartridge casings - eg like these

So you can remove the mixed media/powder and use the carbon in some of the ways described on the "Other things..." page just below

Checkout Other things you can do with used water filter carbon