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Water Filter for Homes and Offices

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  • Get Beautiful Tasting, High Quality Filtered Water On Tap 24/7 
  • Includes Everything You Need - Tap. Tubing. DIY Water Connector Kit
  • Plus Your High Quality Carbon Block Cartridge  
  • Easy Self-Installation Under Sink - No Plumber Required
  • No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if not Totally Satisfied - for any reason
  • We'll Even Pay Your Return Postage!
  • Plus 3 Year Full Parts Warranty
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Product CODE SYS1000

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Three Great Reasons to Buy From Us

ONE: We're well established
- we've been trading for over ten years.
So we won't be disappearing. Your Money Back Guarantees and Warrantys will be safe.

TWO: Join thousands of happy customers - Many of our clients have been buying filters from us for several years. They keep coming back because we offer a friendly, helpful service and great value prices.

THREE: We're trustworthy: we have a huge number of great testimonials. For example see our reviews on the Approved Consumer Code Directory for the

Product Details

Our Best Selling Undersink Home and Office Water Filter

This is a great solution for your home or office kitchen. You get beautiful, fresh-tasting, filtered water, on tap 24/7.

Never buy another bottle of plastic water again.

This filter gives you equal, if not better quality than many bottled waters, while being much more convenient - freeing you from buying and hauling back heavy, overpriced bottles from the shops.

Plus it is much better for the environment.

Features a 
multi-stage filtration system built into a single cartridge.

Gets rid of the harmful contaminants that may be in your tap water such as:

  • Chlorine
  • 99%
  • THMs (trihalomethanes) ECBs, OCBs, TMEs
  • 90% to 99%
  • Pesticides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Herbicides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Industrial Solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons) PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons)
  • 90% to 99%
  • Discolouration
  • 95% plus
  • Rust Particles, Silt, Algae
  • 99%
  • Benzene, Petroleum Solvents, Oil Residues
  • 85%

Your new filter will restore the water to its fresh natural state, improving the taste of your drinks and cooking.

Compact design requires little space under the sink.

No Plumbing required to install.

The system has been thoroughly tested.

Our efficient, free reminder system prompts you to change the cartridge. (Changing cartridges is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes).

Guaranteed with a three year warranty.


Please note this filter system is NOT anti-scale. If you would like the special anti-scale version, that's no problem. Please click here


Why so cheap?

We are sometimes asked, "if these filter systems are so good, why are they not more expensive?"

It's true that other retailers sell similar products at higher prices. While ours are certainly good, high-quality products we're happy to charge you less for a couple of reasons.

First, we only sell on the internet. Unlike other retailers, we don't have to pay for expensive shop rents and rates.

The second reason is that we have been in the water filters business for a long time and can source the best quality filters at the best prices.

Your Running Costs

You need to replace the filter cartridge every 6 months to keep your water fresh and pure.

As a returning customer you get a £2 discount off the usual cartridge cost of £15.95.

So your £13.95 cartridge (including postage / VAT etc) amounts to only £2.32 per month

or 7 pence per day!


Features summary:

  • 3 litres per minute flow rate - That's fast enough. No waiting around
  • Compact design requires little space under sink
  • Simple installation: No plumbing required
  • Easy cartridge changes
  • Economical - a replacement cartridge costs £13.95 and lasts 6 months. Save ££s on bottled water - plus it's healthier. 
  • Guaranteed for 3 years - Buy with confidence. If there are any problems we'll replace it for you.

Prefer to keep your existing "normal" water tap?

Click Here

Everything You Need is Included in Your New Kit

Here's what you get

  • One High Quality Undersink Housing Unit - will last you a lifetime
  • One stylish chrome countertop tap. Looks great in any kitchen
  • One NSF certified 5 micron Carbon Block - see what it removes
  • One DIY water supply connector - no plumbing required
  • All the tubing you need. We supply 2 x 1m lengths. Ask us if you need more. We'll probably include it for free!

Everything comes with a 3 Year warranty. Buy with confidence. We'll quickly replace anything that's broken.

Plus 90 day Money Back Guarantee

Quick and easy installation 

You could be drinking beautiful, fresh, purified water within 30 minutes of receiving your kit.

It takes us 5 minutes to set up one of these systems. Of course we've done it many times, but we're saying this to give you an idea of how easy it is.

You can expect it to take you between 15 minutes to half an hour or so, to set it up yourself.

Fit it once and use it forever! (These systems are very tough and should last you at least 20 years).

Plus: Special Bonus: Order today and we'll include a Free easy-change spanner (Usual price £7.39).


With FREE Delivery

Immediate Dispatch

Purchase with Total Confidence

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee.

PLUS We'll even pay your return postage!

Please order now to secure today's sale price.

Technical information


Dimensions of Housing

Height Approx 14 inches (35cm) at Highest Point

Width 4.5 inches (110mm) at Widest Point

Blue Housing Dimensions

Cartridge Dimensions

Height 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm)

Width 3 inches (75mm). 

Tap Specifications

Spout Reach: 130mm 

Height: 210mm

Shank length 60mm (ie under counter) 

Countertop base disc width / radius 45mm 
(If you're short of space, remove the base disc to be left with a nice looking 30mm radius)

Water filter tap dimensions

What Type of Plastic is this Housing Made From?

These housing units are made of PolyPropylene (PP).

If you're concerned about plastics - we think you're right to be.

Plastics like BPA's (often found in food and water containers) and Phthalates (in PVC products etc) are linked to cancers, fertility problems, obesity, hormone / endocrine disruption and God knows what else. 

The problem is they leach into the food or liquid they're holding

PolyPropolene does not contain BPA's or Phthalates and is thought to be much safer because it doesn't leach chemicals like some other plastics do.


Our Product CODE SYS1000 / SYS 1000 / SYS-1000

Customer Reviews / Testimonials

Very good - Review by Terrible Tommy
Great improvement in water taste and smell, I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for the tap which doesn't allow just to run water, I either need to stand there pressing the button or wedge a chopstick in to keep it open (it takes quite a bit of time to fill a pasta pot). Still, very good value.

Note from UKWF: If you push the tap into the UP position the water pours continuously. You don't need to use a chopstick :)
GREAT - Review by Spike
Had this about a week now, Easy to install one of the best things ever brought its great, never drunk so much water in my life can not recommend enough.
Forget about your Old Water Filter Jug - Review by GreatWaterMan59
I'd just like to let you know that the filter water tap is brilliant! And worth every penny. In fact its going to save me money as I don't have to buy filters for my Brita filter jug now! (To think I spent £60 for 6 months of Brita filters. If only I found this before). Its saving me time, as I don't have to worry about filling jug and letting it drain, before I get a glass of water, and saving space in my kitchen as I don't have to keep moving that annoying jug around! So 100% pleased. It was also so easy to fit, it literally took 30 minutes like the instructions said. I actually couldn't believe how easy it was. It helped that every part is well designed and engineered.
quality product - Review by Michael j. Blount
Good communication, quality product, excellent service

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

See more great reviews on us at
Very good product - Review by Wardie
I was a bit unsure about buying this at first mainly because of having to install it .However I took the plunge as we needed to cut down on buying plastic bottles of water. Because I had a redundant fitting for a dishwasher I fitted a spur off this so I could turn the water flow off when needed as opposed to making a hole in a mainline pipe which wold be there forever even if I did not want to use a water filter anymore. Fitting was as easy as the instructions described provided you followed them exactly. My filter is up and running and the water is excellent so no more plastic bottles. The flow is not great but as the pipeline is very narrow I should not expect it but I can live with that and hence not giving 5 stars. The company has been excellent to deal with and I would recommend this product for others wishing to install one
love the filter! - Review by Penny
Love the filter and wish I'd got one years ago.

Now I drink more water than anything else. Recommend it to everyone too. Really pleased with your service as well
perfectly happy - Review by S Donnelly
I have had one before at a different address and am perfectly happy with this one so far.

Although it says no plumber needed, I did use one as the space underneath the sink is very small. Unless you are a good DIY person, it would be a good idea to have a plumber or handyman to do the job if space is limited.
very pleased - Review by Annie
I received the water filter swiftly and recently had it fitted and I am very pleased both with the product and your follow up customer service.

It seemed easy to fit, worked well immediately and good value for money in comparison to buying filters for a water jug.

I look forward to receiving your email reminder in 6 months time for a new filter and am pleased to have found your company having been highly recommended by my plumber

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

See more great reviews on us at
Excellent quality - Review by Zia
Excellent quality and service all round. A loyal customer for many years now and will continue to use.
easy to install - Review by K W Ellis
This company is one of the best I have ever dealt with on every front. Product easy to install, changing filters is a breeze,customer service second to none. I have no problem reccomending them. A joy to do business with.
Brillitant - Review by Don Sparks
Decided to invest in a heavy metal filter for our drinking water.We chose an under sink unit with replaceable cartridges.This company provided kit at a modest price and have been brilliant in giving advice and service for the last four years or so.I even get a reminder to change the cartridge at the appropiate time based on our water usage.I shall continue to use this company and thoroughly recommend them.
Good product - Review by Christopher
Customer service is excellent and product does what it is meant to do. Would recommend this company.
reliable - Review by Melvin
Great company to deal with , Quick delivery , very reliable.

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

See more great reviews on us at
Excellent - Review by Andrea
Easy to order online, delivered quickly, very easy to install and an excellent service. I will definitely recommend this company and will be using them again.
efficient - Review by Anthony
I have always found UK Water Filters helpful & very efficient, & I have been using them for quite afew years now.
Very satisfied so far - Review by Susan
Just fitted the filter and it's great. Flow is fast and I love the fact that the tap has a 'hands-free' mode. Perfect when I'm washing vegetables.

Very satisfied so far.

Kind regards
Great filter - Review by James Tipton
100% recommended.
thank you - Review by Peter
Yes, the water filter was fitted straight away with absolutely no problem and is just great.
Tick in the box. - Review by Brian
The filter arrived safely and on time.
It was installed the day after delivery..
As I was replacing and existing filter for which I can no long get cartridges, I used the existing pipe from the copper cold water to the filter.
The dispensing tap unit you supplied was better than the existing one so I exchanged these.
Fitting was easy and straight forward.
Works fine.
Thank you - Review by Gary
Thank you,
Received the filter, quick delivery and it's now fitted. Much tidier than my old two cartridge filter and the quality of the water seems as good if not better.
fitted and working fine - Review by Wendy
I received my filter promptly thanks, and it is fitted and working fine.I bought it to replace one that I have had for quite a long time, and was unable to get the filter replacements any more. soI have been using your product for many years and have no complaints about them.I look forward to using the filter for many more years, so thank you again.
Ten out of ten for your company. - Review by Colin
Thanks again for your exemplary customer care. Yes the replacement filter did arrive and I fitted the same day. The video was so helpful and whilst my filter unit did not unscrew quite so easily it was soon done with what little water was caught by the pan I had underneath and the handy off tap on the inlet tube prevented a mains flood. Why spend a fortune on bottled water tasting of plastic when you can have it on tap tasting only like water.
Could not be more pleased - Review by Keith
Thank you for your e-mail the filter arrived with in a couple of days of ordering. It was very easy to install easier than the last filter that we had, and works fine. As an added plus it has saved us room under the sink. Thank you very much could not be more pleased.
Crystal clear great drinking water on tap. - Review by "Oldguy"
Filter easily fitted,gives 6 months of crystal clear drinking water per filter cartridge.Water on tap,no messing around with filter jugs etc.Wholly reliable company.They even remind you when to change the cartridge.What mor could you want.
Excellent - Review by Andy B
Bought and fitted two weeks ago. We have very hard water, after descaling evidence of scale usually on 1St or 2nd boil. Now with this fitted, wow, no scale at all, kettle clean and shiny!!!
Would recommend, note however pipes/tube size if fitting to existing tap with separate water, they are not standard even though they advertise the tap on the site. Quick trip to halfords for joiners and jubilee clips and fixed.
great success - Review by Malcolm White
Thanks for the filter it is a great success. Excellent DELIVERY
The unit had a fult and leeked flooding my kitchen twice - Review by James
The company was aware of the faulty batch apparently 12 units
But did nothing to inform its customers flooded kitchen twice
They replaced the filter and apologised but that dose not repair my kitchen
UKWF Note: We are fully insured. Customer was given our insurer's details without hesitation.
Great Product and Service - Review by Frank
I am very pleased with the filter and the service I received .
The ordering was straight forward and the water filter was sent and delivered promptly.
The filter was easy to install so it was up and working very quickly.
I would recommend this product to anyone and this company. Will be back for replacement filters when required.
Well done UK Water-Filters.
Excellent - Review by David
We are very pleased with the filter and the service. Arrived without delay and easy to install, so it was up and working in very little time. I would recommend this product to anyone who likes good water, no need to buy bottled water any more. Thank you so much UK Water-Filters.
Fantastic system - Review by Gordon
I installed the filter in my Dads house as he is 93, housebound and in poor health and always getting into trouble from his carers for not drinking enough water.

After filter has been in for two weeks he said that the water now tastes lovely.

Installing the unit was not a problem,I had to insert a short piece of copper pipe into the plastic supply under sink as I was not sure if clamping onto plastic 15mm was a good thing.

I used to run my own company installing industrial dishwashers and coffee machines which sometimes required water filters to be fitted,so no problem with pipework.

I will save my pocket money and hopefully buy one for our own house.
Excellent service - Review by Trouble
Had slight problem with O ring fitting and rang up. Sent for replacement and it arrived the next morning.

They then sent email follow up to ensure everything ok.

My criteria for a good company is when anything is amiss its how it is corrected.
Do you buy bottled water If so stop right now - Review by Sandra
Do you buy bottled water If so stop right now.
Invest in a water filter and have nice cool water at the touch of a tap Plus Ed who sends a reminder when it needs to be changed. Tried to make it rhyme but didn't have Time.
Water tastes lovely - Review by Michelle
The water filter arrived the next day. It has been fitted (I needed a plumber to do it though) - it works very well and the water tastes lovely. I used to have a Seagull IV water system, but the cartridges are SO expensive to buy, I decided to install a cheaper-to-run system. I am happy to report that the water tastes just as good through this one. Thank you. Please remind me when I need to order a new filter.
Fine, but I have one small problem - Review by Geoff
Installation went relatively smoothly. All seems to be functioning correctly. Water is fine. My small problem is that I'm getting a VERY slow drip from the tap. Something that I never envisaged. If I leave the premises for a reasonable period it stops, but on my return, when I take a glass of water, this very slow drip starts up again. Not a big deal, but it's not right. Solution?
Good filter easily installed - Review by Gerry
item delivered to France in a week (very fast) installed in a few minutes producing great tasting water. The help and advice from Jon was excellent, He was very helpful in helping to try and solve a problematic RO system purchased elsewhere, when the suppliers of that product ignored all requests for help.
Look no further than UK water filters for excellent service
Arrived quickly, easy to install, works well. - Review by Pen
I bought this for our staff kitchen at work. It arrived very quickly, and was easy to install. The water flow is quite slow, but it works well and everyone at work is happy now we have filtered water to drink. We use it in the kettle too. Good value for money and good that the filters last 6 months and are easy to order and replace. Good service, thank you,
Excellence - Review by Trina
Having been a very satisfied customer for several years, on our house move within the next 8 weeks we are definitely going to install your water filter & tap in the new property. No reccommendation really could be higher!!!
Easypeasy - Review by Robbie/Suzy
These filters are easy to install and function perfectly.
Also technical back-up & advice from the supplier is always available.
I would definitely recommend them.
First Class Product - Review by Margaret
We made the purchase on a Friday at 1.45 pm and it was delivered to my
address at 1.00 pm on the Saturday.
We installed it Saturday evening after tea and it was up and running by 7.00
So thank you - it is doing what it is supposed to do and we will be getting
replacement cartridges from you as and when.
It is so good to have a UK company who excels in customer service,
An excellent product - Review by carol
This water filter was delivered within 48 hours of ordering on line. Following the clear instructions it was fitted in minutes... simple. We now have great tasting, fresh, clear and clean drinking water. Many thanks for your great service and products.
Great follow up service - Review by Max
I'd like to say that I am very impressed not only with the product but with the back up service you provide. Cheers, Max
Glad to be able to recommend - Review by John Adams
Followed the clear instructions … all went smoothly. I have recommended you to our local newspaper. Glad to be able to recommend a company that actually does, what they say they do: to quickly deliver the product, at a good price.
Enjoying the taste of fresh clean water - Review by Jim
Helpful guys !
It arrived Sat am and is now fully installed and working, Thanks to you we are now enjoying the taste of fresh clean water.
I cannot thank you enough for your patience & understanding and your excellent service. It has been a pleasant experience to meet someone with your helpful customer friendly approach you are a credit to your company.
Best Wishes Jim Nelson
Good - Review by Chris
Very good filter and lovely people to deal with. Thanks !


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If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

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