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Whole of House Filter with Scale Reduction - Larger Homes

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What you get

  • Unique: softens AND purifies your water
  • Proven new US technology
  • Huge reduction of contaminants
  • Protects your valuable equipment
  • Mineral water quality throughout your house
  • Huge improvement to baths and showers 
  • No Quibble Money Back Guarantee if Not Totally Satisfied
  • Free 3 Year Product Warranty
  • See more product details and Testimonials

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Product Description

This unit is for the larger property with flow rates of up to 32 litres a minute. It both softens and filters your water.

We offer you this combination because water softeners are not water filters. Unlike filters, softeners don't improve the taste of the water.

So if you only have a water softener you will still be drinking and bathing in chlorinated water.

Now we can combine your water de-scaling needs with a powerful Whole House water filter. This will remove unpleasant tasting chlorine and greatly improve the quality of your drinking AND bathing experience.

We now get mineral quality water throughout the house. It's really improved our skin and also the limescale... We used to buy a lot of mineral water but have stopped. there's no need". Independent Review by Dhiresh

Read full details about the amazing new water softening technology here

Read about the whole of house filtration system here 

Combined these two units give you a unique solution: a water softener PLUS filter that gives you all the benefits of scale-free water with mineral bottle drinking quality water throughout your property.

Buy them together and save £200


Economical - The Filter cartridge costs £194 to replace and last for 12 months.
 Scale Centurion™ cartridges cost £294 to replace and last for 2 years.


Fully Certified

Scale Centurion™ softener media has been fully tested using the DVGW-W512 protocol.

(DVGW is the top gas and water industry certification body in Europe).

Plus; the media has been fully tested by Arizona State University against the 
international protocol for scale prevention. Achieved a 99.6% effectiveness 
rating - the only non-salt based anti scale technology to do so.  


...much softer water; no limescale treatments for the taps or kettles for 2 years, much better than having to regularly fill a softener with salt! Would recommend this to family and friends, no problem." Independent Review by Tony

Choose Your Best Size

This larger whole house unit accepts a max flow rate of 32 litres per minute.
This is adequate for the larger home ie. with 4 bedrooms plus.

Looking for the standard size for the smaller home? Click here

We do any size property so if in any doubt about what you need
contact us to discuss and confirm your requirements. Thank you 

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Technical Information

Technical Details

  • Accepts a Maximum Flow Rate of 32 Litres per minute
  • Hardly any pressure loss. Max 5%
  • Max water pressure 6.3 BAR
  • Max Operating Temperature 52 degrees celsius
  • Suitable for combination boilers
  • Requires no electrical or other power or salt and can be left to produce super quality water throughout the home and garden

How to check the water flow rate in your house


How Long does the Filter last?

There are two sets of cartridges. One has the Scale Centurion softener media. The second has the whole of house filter media 

1) The Scale Centurion™ softener media will last you for at least 2 years - most likely three or more. (It might be longer depending on your local water conditions. You'll know when it's time to change because you'll see scale slowly building up in your kettle etc).

The replacement anti-scale media cartridges cost just £294. (They will last you a further 2 plus years ie the same time as the originals did). 

We will send you a free reminder when it is around the time to renew your softener. All you have to do is change the cartridge. It only takes a few minutes.

Replacement code for the 2 year anti-scale cartridge is WHS-BB-CA-20

2) The whole of house filter media will last 12 months.

After 12 months we send you a free reminder. All you have to do is change the cartridge. (it's similar to changing a large lightbulb - it should only take a few minutes at most.

Your new cartridge costs £194 and will last you a further 12 months. So you get beautifully filtered water throughout your home for less than £2 per week!


12 Month Replacement Water Filter Cartridge Code: FIL32

You can order a spare 12 month filter cartridge here

2 Year Replacement Scale Centurion™ Cartridge Code: SC32

You can order a spare of both cartridges here


All you have to do is change the cartridge. It only takes a few minutes.

No maintenance is required during this time.

Recyclable... ... you send back the old cartridges. We can re-use them.


Fitting the Filter 

Fitting the new unit would require a plumber to put it in line with the relevant water supply.

The job should take approx 2 hours. Full instructions supplied for the plumber.

For full installation instructions click here

Need a Plumber?

We've sold a lot of these units and have a list of recommended plumbers in each area who've already fitted one. Simply let us know your postcode and we'll connect you with your nearest one. Call us on Freephone 0800 009 6611 or email us for further details.



larger house saltless water softener

The housing units are 70 cm / 27.5 inches high.

Width: 44 cm / 17.3 inches

Depth: 20 cm / 8 inches

Inlet / Outlet - One inch BSP Brass Female

Note: re Changing Filters / Clearance room under the unit

If you have a tight space make sure to allow some clearance room underneath the fitted unit for changing the filters.

You need a minimum of 5cm / 2 inches inches below the white bowl for it to drop down and slide away.

Important note: Choose Your Best Size

This whole house unit accepts a max flow rate of 32 litres per minute. This is for larger properties with 3 or more bathrooms that need a higher flow rate. We can handle any size property but please contact us to discuss and confirm your needs.


Performance / What your whole of house filter removes (in addition to 99% of Scale)

THMs (trihalomethanes) ECBs, OCBs, TMEs
90% to 99%
90% to 99%
90% to 99%
Industrial Solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons) PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons)
90% to 99%
95% plus
Rust Particles, Silt, Algae
Benzene, Petroleum Solvents, Oil Residues,


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Ratings & reviews

Fantastic - Review by Brian
From start to finish UK Water Filters have been great assisting me on what I required to checking to see if everything has gone okay and to see if I had any issues. The delivery is quick and for once you are kept upto date on what time it will be arriving so there is no wasted time hanging around.
Thanks for the great tasting water.
Good - Review by Simon
Very good it's working well. Thanks for the great service!
Happy! - Review by Jen
Very happy with the new filter. The service and delivery was brilliant. Much better than the old softener we had. Highly recommended.
not only cost effective but will do a fantastic job - Review by Agim
Having researched filters and water softeners, I would not waste money and time on a water softener which will require continuous maintenance and additional products to ensure it works on the tap/s in which it’s installed. A water filter will do the same job and more. Specifically, the UK Water Filters option is not only cost effective but will do a fantastic job of filtering and softening the water throughout your entire house with no maintenance to worry about for the life of the filter (typically 2 years)
Easy to install and good early results - Review by Rob
We installed the whole house with scale reduction system a couple of weeks ago and although early days are very pleased so far.

A noticeable improvement on the taste vs a previous system (from a different company) and having timed a new kettle it seems to be having a positive effect on the limescale build up - none yet!

Installation was easy although this was accelerated by the fact that we were replacing an existing system but nonetheless a qualified plumber would have no trouble installing from scratch.

My wife has also already said she feels her hair is doing better since showering with the system installed.

Special mention deserved to all the staff and customer care - I called several times before ordering with questions and everyone I spoke with was friendly and professional.