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Replacement Water Filter Cartridges

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Product CODE: USC2000

What you get

  • Top Quality US Designed Filter (beware cheap Chinese imports)
  • Retro-Fits Many Top Brands
  • Performance Tested and Verified by Independent Laboratory
  • Easy to Change
  • Brand New, Unopened and in the Original Packaging
  • No Quibble 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if not Totally Satisfied - for any reason
  • We'll Even Pay Your Return Postage!
  • Plus 3 Year Full Parts Warranty
  • See more product details and Reviews

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Product Description

Replacement Water Filter Cartridges

top quality "Master Purifier" Universal cartridge
can be fitted to many other makes of water filters, including:

Brands like: Cuno... Ametek ... Liff ... Plymouth ... Bruner ... Noga... Pentek... Homebase... Screwfix... Kemflo and many Other brands including reverse osmosis pre filters.

This top quality filter will replace any cartridge types that are 9 and three quarter inches length x 3 inches or less diameter. With a 1 inch aperture at either end.

If your existing filter looks anything like this it can probably be replaced by our specially made cartridge. See why below.

"Delighted with the service received when we ordered this product for the first time. Could not believe the price which was about 1/3rd what we had been paying. Delivered quickly and fitted easily." Independent Review by Lizann

What it Removes

Will It Fit My Existing Water Filter?

Measure Your Filter

Micron Size

Benefits Of Our Filter

Anti SCALE Option

Ordering Details


WAIT My filter looks more like this

What is Removed

Gets rid of the harmful contaminants that may be in your tap water such as:

  • Chlorine
  • 99%
  • THMs (trihalomethanes) ECBs, OCBs, TMEs
  • 90% to 99%
  • Pesticides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Herbicides
  • 90% to 99%
  • Industrial Solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons) PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons)
  • 90% to 99%
  • Discolouration
  • 95% plus
  • Rust Particles, Silt, Algae
  • 99%
  • Benzene, Petroleum Solvents, Oil Residues
  • 85%

Your new filter will restore the water to its fresh natural state, improving the taste of your drinks and cooking.

Why These Carbon Filters Can Be Inter-Changed

in the bad old days water filters would come in all shapes and sizes. The aim was to force customers to return to particular manufacturers.

However in recent years there has been a growing move to standardise the sizes of filter cartridges. Now about 80% of all cartridges are the "universal ten inch size".

(Note: Why they are called "ten inch" is a mystery as they are actually 9 and three quarter inches high!)

the great majority of water filters are made from carbon.

And the great majority of carbon filters basically consist of burnt coconut shell.

It is a question of exactly how it is moulded into the required filter shape during the filter manufacturing process.

For example, the carbon might be cut into grains and placed inside a hard cartridge case (Granular Activated Carbon / AC).

Or they might be compressed into Carbon Block and typically be surrounded by a mesh - as is the case with our specially made "10 inch" types - see above right.

While Carbon Block is now generally seen as being a superior method of filtration over GAC, they basically do the same job.

The point is that as long as the size of the cartridge is correct, one type can be changed for the other.

"All good, arrived very quickly, as described and as ordered. Fits perfectly. Very happy with the service." Independent Review by Austin


Benefits of Your New Replacement Filter

  • Top quality US designed filter
  • Excellent Performance for removing impurities
  • Fast flow rate - 3 litres per minute. That's fast enough!
  • 5 micron nominal filtration - stops many tap water impurities  
  • Performance tested and verified by independent laboratory testing 
  • Easy to change - no plumber required
  • Excellent Customer Feedback from many satisfied customers.

"I cannot rate this company highly enough. Their product is fabulous... Their service and customer care is beyond price. Yes, I know I sound like an advert, but hand on heart, they are lovely people to deal with. I would recommend them very highly." Independent Review by Ann Wellstead

Micron Size of the Water Filters

The other thing to look for in any water filter is what micron size the cartridge filters down to.

A micron is a millionth of a metre, so 100 microns is a tenth of a millimetre.

A human hair is about 75 microns in diameter.

Our filter cartridge is a top quality carbon block cartridge that filters down to 5 microns.

Five micron cartridges are the standard size for good quality domestic water filters.

It is very likely that your existing cartridge is 5 microns - assuming it is not there to filter out something very specific.

You can see what our 5 micron size filter removes - Click Here.


The next size down from 5 is 1 micron. This is fairly unusual so if you know that your filter is 1 micron you would need to check if there is any specific reason for that.

It might be that it simply sounded good at the time to whoever bought the filter. "Volume 11 must be better than volume 10", and all that...

But perhaps it is supposed to stop a specific contaminant like bacteria.

Now the best way to filter out bacteria is using filtration methods such as Reverse Osmosis or a combination of approaches – so 1 micron is not necessarily the best solution for that anyway.


The best way to determine if the standard 5 micron filter is right for you is to check on the following:

Do you have a private water supply? If you aren't on the normal mains / municipal supply then you might need special filtration – and even a 1 micron carbon cartridge might not be the best thing. (Click here to see solutions to specific drinking water problems).

Do you have another special water supply situation / needs – for example you might have lead pipes… or a special health condition? 

If so, unless you are looking to replace Reverse Osmosis 10 inch pre filters (if so, good: we can help you. Our "ten inch" filters will do the job) – this might be a good time to review what the best water filter solution would be for you.

(Click here to see our water problem / solution chart)

Will it Fit My Existing Water Filter?

To check whether our standard cartridge is suitable for your water filter you need to check the size.

Our standard filters measure as follows:

They are 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm) high.

This height includes the rubber seals at both ends.

They have a 1 inch hole at either end, in the middle, to slot into the housing unit.

Their diameter is approx 66mm. However, they can replace cartridges with similar diameters.

The main thing is to make sure that the height is correct and they have a 1 inch hole at either end, in the middle, to slot into the housing unit.

Doesn't sound right? Check out this solution


Sounds Right? Then You Can Order Your Compatible Replacement Cartridge Now.

Please note that your new filter will need replacing every 6 months or so. (We remind you when it's time).

If the measurements don't sound right we do have other types of filters. But we'd need to know more.

Is there any information on the make ... manufacturer?

What are the dimensions?

Try our Replacement Cartridge Matching Service.


"Having searched all our local shops and building centres to find a replacement filter to no avail we then looked on the internet. This is where we found 'UK Water Filters Ltd'. Their site was easy to read and after a very short time we found they had the filter we needed. Having ordered and paid on-line the filter was delivered in 25 Hrs. Fitting the replacement was very easy ... We would certainly recommend this supplier. Well done 'UK Water Filters Ltd." Independent Review by Barry Frizzell

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Money Back Guarantee

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If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

PLUS We'll even pay your return postage !

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Technical Information



This height includes the rubber seals at both ends. They have a 1 inch hole at either end, in the middle, to slot into the housing unit. Their diameter is approx 66mm. However, they can replace cartridges with similar diameters.

The main thing is to make sure that the height is correct and they have a 1 inch hole at either end, in the middle, to slot into the housing unit.

Doesn't sound right? Check out this solution

See what our 5 micron size filter removes - Click Here


Running Costs

Like all water filters, you need to change this cartridge at regular intervals

 Lifespan: 6 months

Cost per unit: £15.95

Equals cost per week: £0.66


Other Brands / Equivalent Codes

This top quality coconut shell 5 micron carbon block cartridge is a suitable replacement for other makes such as the Watts F109009 and other brands

This is a very high quality water filter so can replace any other "taste and odour" cartridge with the same dimensions.

"I am more than pleased with the filter. Considerably cheaper than the one that came with the taps. So easy to fit and only has to be replaced every six months." Independent Review by Judith Reant



Our Product Code

USC2000 / USC 2000 / USC-2000



Shipped Immediately

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Purchase with Total Confidence

Three Year Warranty

Plus your

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

We'll even pay your return postage

Please order now to secure today's sale price





Ratings & reviews

Great service - Review by Anonymous
Very good so far. Good follow-up after sale.

By Mike Power
Impressive - Review by Anonymous
Excellent service 5 star. I would definitely recommend this company because they're very reliable and have quality product.
Impressive - Review by Anthony Bowdidge
Really pleased with the service that I have received. I had a little problem with a secure connection which could have been due to the age of the existing pipe-work. John very quickly sent me a replacement cartridge and some spare length of pipe. All arrived in the same parcel and fitted within 5 minutes. Perfect service, during this difficult time (Summer 2020). Glad we changed to UK Water Filters last year.

Impressive - Review by Anonymous
Excellent personal service, prompt replies to enquiries and follow up to ensure satisfaction. Would definitely recommend.
Great service - Review by Gary Crabtree
Great service, the product fits perfectly and works perfectly too. I like the 6 month reminder from them to prompt the replacement. Would definitely recommend

Impressive - Review by Cliff
This company is so quick at send out the items .They are sent with full instructions on how to install them and its all labeled so you know where the pipe fit and when its up and running and that takes no time at all really.
The water tastes so much better if you have ever had water from a fresh spring well you would know how good it is.I bought this one for a friend and fitted it for her its so good I will get one for my house can buy cheaper ones but are you going to be able to buy the replacement filters in two years time. this company will send you reminder when you need new filters and if you don't use that much water they will change the length of time before they email you for the filter replacements .Not just get you to buy them to make money.
many thanks.

Great service - Review by Keith Thorn
Been using this company for years. Product always arrives quickly, is well packed and is very good value for money. No hesitation in recommending them.
Great Products! - Review by Anonymous
The staff were extremely helpful, professional and prompt in replying to my questions by email.
I feel confident to order online with them next time.
Great value product
Impressive - Review by JOL
First class thank you. Good price for the filters. And sorted out a minor problem with the delivery both promptly and courteously.
Impressive - Review by Anonymous
Prompt delivery and value for money
Great service - Review by Edward Thompson
First class filters and the price I found were the cheapest, I would certainly reorder
Impressive - Review by Susan Collyer
Been using UK Water Filters for many years prices are excellent and delivery is quick . And they have very good customer service .

excellent service! - Review by Pat
Excellent service. Nice company to deal with.

Great service - Review by michael w morris
Delivery initially lost in post, on contacting company replacement immediately sent. Good filter with excellent set of instructions.

Great service - Review by Duncan Shepherd
So quick to respond and order delivered within 24 hours.
Great service

Great service - Review by Margaret T Rooney
My first dealings with U K Water Filters have been positive. The product, well priced, arrived in a timely fashion and in good condition. The instructions for installation were simple and easy to follow. We have been up and running with no problems so far and I have no reason to think that any will crop up. Follow up communication from the company was welcomed and has cemented what I hope to be my continued dealings with them.
I would not hesitate to recommend this company.
excellent service! - Review by David Mitchell
I have used this company for several years and have found that their customer service is second to none. The product is always delivered the next day , and the water filter is very easy to fit . I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who requires great service and a great product.

excellent service! - Review by Rebecca Taylor
Very rarely these days do we experience customer service & quality of products like this company offers. I read a few online reviews before choosing to purchase from them & I wondered if they could really be that good. Well in one word, yes they absolutely were that good. I was wanting to purchase a more expensive system but after chatting with this company they advised I didn’t need that one & the cheaper one would more than meet my needs. Who’s ever heard of that? A company more interested in meeting the needs of its customers than making more money? Well you have now. Thank you UK water filters There should be many more companies with your ethics.

Excellent product - Review by LS
The water filter arrived OK. It is fitted and working just fine. I had no problem to fit it. The water tastes great – better than with the original Empura filter.
Excellent product!
Great service - Review by Steven Hayden
I have used this company for a number of years and have never been let down or dissapointed with either the service or products provided.
Easy Process - Review by Stan Roberts
Fast easy ordering, delivered on time, easy fit works well.

Very helpful - Review by Emma
Very helpful and we are sent a reminder for when the filter needs changing which is ideal for us.
Excellent Customer Service - Review by Ruffles
Prompt delivery, quality product, excellent customer service. I received a phone call from a real person to resolve a problem not caused by UK filters. Very happy so far and will recommend to others.
Good customer service - Review by Janet Holden
Wonderful company. Very good customer service and ultra efficient delivery arrangements. Filter is excellent value for money. Would recommend to anyone.
Very Good - Review by Russell
The filter arrived in good condition, was easy to install and been working well since. Thank you for such an excellent service.
Reliable - Review by Jim Bowen
Always a reliable speedy service providing good quality product at a good price and an excellent follow-up system.
Good value for money - Review by Robert Thomas
I live in a hard water area and need a filter for kettle and coffee machine. The UK Water Filters product is the best that I have found and is good value for money. Customer service is excellent with email reminders when it is time to change the filter and a direct link for reordering. I have no hesitation in recommending the filter and the company.
Efficient and Friendly - Review by Ann S
Always efficient and friendly service from a firm which I have used ever since they supplied my first water filter.
Reliable - Review by Keith Parker
I find them very reliable The product is okay I purchased and is put under sink filter just purchased a new Saddle tap for the sinks filter.
Excellent service - Review by Iain harvey
Excellent initial sales and delivery, plus good ongoing service & support
Swift Arrival - Review by Alan Brewer
Thanks for the swift arrival of my two filters. The taste certainly makes a difference.
I also liked the cardboard packaging, I have recycled them by wrapping wine up and taking them to friends.
Very Pleased - Review by David Jenkins
Very pleased with the annual care and attention shown by the Company.
We are happy with the taste of the water when it is filtered. (our water is very hard and the filter makes it more drinkable}
Very Useful - Review by Simon
I have used UK Filters for a few years now, first class products & service.
6 month phone reminder very useful.
Their service has been excellent - Review by Brian Henderson
We have used this company for several years for the purchase for replacement cartridge filters. Their service has been excellent. Easy to use website, quick delivery, plus follow up email to confirm delivery and everything is Ok. Last but not least a reminder email; based upon the purchase date of my current cartridge, that my current filter is reaching the end of its recommended service life.
Helpful and efficient - Review by Joe
Very helpful and efficient. They send a useful reminder when renewal is due but are not to pushy.
Prompt service - Review by Tony
Easy website. Prompt service. Good filter elements (which is all we require from them.)
Fantastic company - Review by Angela
UK Water Filters Ltd is a fantastic company to deal with and an expert in their field. They were really helpful when I had my filter fitted and supplied everything. To reorder a new filter is just a click of a button. Highly recommended and great prices too.
Excellent service - Review by Patrick
I have used this company, in fact it’s the only company I have used for many years to replace my filters and buy other items. They have always been helpful and understanding of any questions I have had and always provided the service that these days is unexpected. I have had not complaints or reason to complain about any item. The delivery is fast and packaging now without the use of plastics which is another plus on their side.

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

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easy to install - Review by Mike
The items are good and very easy to install, their follow up email to see if all is ok is refreshing too. The most impressive aspect is the speed of their delivery... next day on both occasions, excellent !

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

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Undersink filters. - Review by Barry
Brilliant service excellent product and a price to suit the pocket.Would not think of going anywhere else for a similar product.Well done UK filters.
Recycling surprise! - Review by David GL
A dramatic change on how the filters are packed for postage - it is totally re-cyclable - No annoying polystyrene to dispose of. All we need now is the ability to recycle the used filters - anybody got any ideas?
Quality first class - Review by John
Reliability first class
Quality first class
Delivery first class
Customer service first class

Thank you

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

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good service - Review by Robin
The latest shipment of 2 water filters has arrived and I have replaced the old cartridge. No sign of the original shipment though. Thanks for sorting it out.
Highly recommended. - Review by Gordon S
Fantastic product with super customer service, which we have used for over 5 years, plus very quick delivery. Highly recommended
Good product with effective support from the beginning - Review by Lizann
Delighted with the service received when we ordered this product for the first time. Could not believe the price which was about 1/3rd what we had been paying. Delivered quickly and fitted easily because of the detailed instructions supplied. Very happy with the product itself too.
Thanks for a good service! - Review by Ian
Bought a new house with water filter installed - and a sticker with UK Water Filters number stuck to the filter. Were very helpful when rang for guidance.

This is our second order which arrived promptly, well packaged and nothing missing. Even has new contact and replacement reminder labels to stick on the filter!!

good product - Review by Brian
I purchased a water filter kit (filter, plastic pipework and dispensing tap unit) from them over 6 months ago to replace a unit for which I could no longer get filter cartridges. (The old unit was NOT supplied by this company).
Price good, delivery good, product well packaged and handy tips included. They also supplied an inline isolating valve to simplify changing the filter cartridge.
They noted my purchase date and sent an email prompting me to change the cartridge on the 6 month anniversary on the installation. Again the supply process was good and the product good.
Thank you. - Review by Austin
All good, arrived very quickly, as described and as ordered. Fits perfectly. Very happy with the service.
product is fabulous - Review by Ann Wellstead
I cannot rate this company highly enough. Their product is fabulous and I refuse to be without my filter for a moment. Their service and customer care is beyond price. Yes, I know I sound like an advert, but hand on heart, they are lovely people to deal with. I would recommend them very highly
excellent - Review by Sue Carswell
Excellent service and product
efficient - Review by marian reid
Friendly efficient service, will definitely use again. I feel I have found the right company to deal with for my future filters orders.
what a super company - Review by colin aldis
from the original contact and placing the order to buying my first replacement filter has been so easy. everything they promised has been done.anyone wishing to purchase or obtain information should not hesitate in making contact with this company
I highly recommend them. - Review by Pat Le Mouton
I have dealt with this company for about two years. The service given is impressive from help with the start up package and reminders as to when a new filter is required. So simple. No more worrying; all that is done for you.

We would certainly recommend this supplier. - Review by Barry Frizzell
Having searched all our local shops and building centres to find a replacement filter to no avail we then looked on the internet. This is were we found 'UK Water Filters LTd'. There site was easy to read and after a very short time we found they had the filter we needed. Having ordered and paid on-line the filter was delivered in 25 Hrs.Fitting the replacement was very easy along with the stickers to show were the filter came from including phone number. We would certainly recommend this supplier. Well done 'UK water Filters Ltd.
Their filters do what they say - Review by Michael Wilson
UK Water Filters Ltd have for some time provided an excellent service. Their filters do what they say and the company is very sympathetic and helpful with whatever questions I have had.
Well done all at UK Water Filters Ltd., - Review by Martin Weeks
Well, its when something goes wrong that's the test of good customer service and I must say that when it happened to me UK Water Filters were absolutely excellent! After a hard day, getting home and finding 'er in doors moaning about a filter fault was the last I needed. Ah well, its late at night (22.45) but I'll bash out an email hoping for a response the following day but alas, within minutes I had a reply from Ed Parry and following a couple of swift communications again with Ed and Jonathan the problem was sorted with parts on the way and the problem plus my ear ache resolved!
It's unusual in this day and age - but this was service at its very best.
pleased - Review by John J
They provide a good service to those of a certain age, this includes me, who forget when to change the filter.
The renewal prompt is very welcome.
good - Review by Bill Ryce
Fast service and excellent communications.
happy customer - Review by John Boston
Effective reminder system, fair prices and quick delivery.
good service - Review by Mr. R. Bowden
Surprised how quick my filters were delivered. good service , well protected packeting.and highly satisfied
with my order/ Thank you for dealing efficiently with the filters/ fitted and working the same day I received
Definitely recommended. - Review by Steve Heinsen
Good price prompt delivery, excellent service, follow up email.
excellent - Review by M. Coles
Good value products.
Good communication when required
Excellent personal service
Highly recommended
a breath of fresh air - Review by Peter M Sidey
This business Is like a breath of fresh air, Truly a company that is interested in customer satisfaction.
happy! - Review by Kirstie
Reliable, helpful, and the water filter works really well too!
easy to install - Review by David Allison
Prompt delivery, filter easy to install and has made a vast improvement to the taste of our water.

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

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An excellent product, what more can anyone say. - Review by rblackamore
Iv'e had my water filter installed now for a couple of years and I am really pleased with it.
It was inexpensive, simple to install and yet works perfectly. In my local area the taste of clourine in the water was really strong and it was one of the reasons that prompted me to look for a filter. This one does the job and much more besides.

impressed - Review by Duncan Moir
Very prompt delivery and good products. This is my 3rd time using UK Water Filters and have always been impressed
So easy to fit - Review by Judith Reant
I am more than pleased with the filter. Considerable cheaper than the one that came with the taps. So easy to fit and only has to be replaced every six months. Well done UK Filters.
incredibly helpful - Review by Mark
I recently had a problem with the connectors for the water filter in the house we have just moved in to. Ran around all the local plumbing / diy places with no luck. Came across this company during an on line search. Contacted them via email to explain my situation.
They were incredibly helpful in trying to resolve my issue. At no time did they try and 'hard-sell' me any products that I didn't need, and when they did send me a new water filter with connectors which didn't help, they immediately sent me a different filter with a pre-paid envelope to return the original.
Their whole manner in dealing with my problem left me with a feeling of complete trust in them. Will definitely be using them again.

exceptional - Review by Judy
This company offers exceptional customer service, going the extra mile to make sure you are making the right purchase and giving excellent advice in a friendly manner. You even get a follow up e mail to see if you are happy with your purchase, need any advice with fitting etc. Delivery arrived when they said it would, well priced. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a good quality water filter at a sensible price.
used for some years now - Review by C. Sterry
I have used UK Water Filters Ltd for some years and find them:-

* Efficient in supply & delivery.
* Very helpful on any queries I may have.
* Cost effective.

I would certainly recommend them.
excellent - Review by Nicola Marker
I always receive a reminder when the filter is due to be renewed which is extremely helpful. The ordering process is very straight forward and the followup service is excellent. I cannot recommend this company enough.
Great - Review by Linda
Fast and efficient service. Have been ordering from them for years, they even send you a reminder to order the filter when it is due to be changed!
Keep up the good work UK Water Filters
Excellent - Review by Deborah Dryland
Excellent customer service and good value for money. They even remind me when my filter is due to be replaced. Can't get better than that :)

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices
5* - Review by Alan
Brilliant company, prompt delivery and excellent follow up reminder to fit

This review was also placed on MyLocalServices the independent review site.

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very happy - Review by john w
When I enquired about a filter cartridge for my water filter using their web site I found the one that needed quite easily. I ordered one and was very pleased with price as it was less than I had been paying another company. The every six months they remind me that it needs changing with a simple reorder system and quick delivery. I am very happy with the service.
First class service - Review by Brian
The filters are good quality and they arrived well packed.

happy with UK Water Filters - Review by Elaine
I have dealt with this company for a few years now and they have gone above and beyond to help me. They keep in contact and remind me when my filter is due. Would recommend them every time.
Excellent - Review by GrannieDM
Perfect fit
Your after-service is excellent - Review by Audry
Your after-service is excellent. May you get many more customers. I don’t have any suggestions unless you can arrange for the postman to fit the filter for me!
Reliable and Efficient - Review by lulu
Very quick delivery, very helpful, they remind you when your replacements are due. Even offer advice regarding fitting. Bought my previous filters from this company and have been totally impressed.
A must have - Review by CJ
Fit one of these filters they are essential for drinking clean clear water. Your morning cuppa will taste much better.
Excellent product and customer service. - Review by LGS
Customer of UK Water Filters for nearly 10 years and have always been very impressed, and totally satisfied, with both their service and products. I can highly recommend this company - they even email to remind me I need to change filters!
Very pleased with product - Review by Chris
When I ordered my filter assembly 6 months ago It took a while to arrive but when it did it was well packaged. All items present and correct and easy to fit. Very good service from UK Water Filters with a reminder to replace the filter element and at an excellent price. Very pleased with product. Thanks.
Excellent service - Review by John B
I always use UK Water Filters - excellent prompt service and a no-hassle email reminder when replacement is due.
5 Stars all round! - Review by Bobby
From six monthly reminder , to ordering and installation advice aswell as the taste of filtered water on tap...5 Stars! Excellent service and product. Keep up the great work!
Long time customer - Review by Pete
Used these filters from uk-water-filters over many years. Found them to be excellent. Filtered water used for all cooking and drinking. Found the staff to be very helpful when I had a Tap problem. New one supplied F.O.C.
excellent service - Review by Anil
Thank you for the excellent service. My replacement filters arrived in good time .Full marks for the excellent provide.Also I would like to thank you for reminding me that my filters are due for renewal.Have been using UK filters as far I I can remember and I highly recommend to every household to have one The water definitely taste better as the smell and taste of chlorine is removed.
what a great service - Review by tim- yacht homefree a csy 44wt
Really easy fit, seals included a great price and nice clean water again. Thanks again guys for making it easy at the right price.
Great Service - Review by Coleman
Useful reminder email, quick delivery, always fits, works well.
Replacement Water Filter Cartridges - Review by Dan
Delivery was very quick and delivered as ordered. The filter makes a great difference to the water quality, will re order when the time comes.
Quality product delivered on time at a fair price. - Review by David A
Quality product delivered on time at a fair price with a reminder service when cartridge needs changing.
Excellent reminder system - Review by Karen
The water filter we received is very good as usual. Thank you. My mum has had one fitted as well and she was pleased with her filter. Thank you for keeping in touch with us, I do sometimes forget when the filter need's changing so your prompt really helps.
Thanks again.
replacement water filter cartridges - Review by harryc
five star performance and five star service
Brilliant service - Review by Al
Thank you for fantastic service, with a very reasonable price compared to the previous company that I left to deal with you. Great all round.
Great product - Review by Mike
Great product. Tip: Put some silicon grease on the filter housing screw thread to make it easier to unscrew.
Water Filter Replacement - Review by Kish
Generally the service I found from the company was excellent and staff ensured my water filter was up and running.

Spare parts with low cost and advice was very good to to fit them.

I will now rely on this company for all matters, parts etc from now on.
Excellent Product - Review by Carl
This is an excellent product and the new packaging is much better - a proper cardboard box that protects it well in transit. It is usually delivered within 2 days but this time it took 5. Not certain whether this was due to UK Water Filters or the Royal Mail.
Excellent product and service - Review by Pil
This water filter has provided us with excellent water quality, there is no taste of any chemicals and the kettle never needs descaling. The service of reminding me when a new filter is required, the ordering process, the delivery and fitting instructions are all first rate,
Excellent company to deal with. - Review by Duds
I have been dealing with company for many years and I have to say they are excellent. Fast delivery and more importantly they care about customer loyalty. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone considering purchasing water filter products.
Great product , great service - Review by Butegirl
I would not want to be without a fresh water filter cartridge. The difference it makes to a glass of water is amazing. No more chlorine taste ...just fresh water! Great product and brilliant service thank you.
"Clean" Water - Review by Strontianman
I have used these water filters for several years now and although they are supposed to be replaced every six months I have gone over time. The water still tastes good compared to the tap water so it's still getting rid of the chlorine etc. I do understand however that there can be a build up of other harmful things. Recently put a mini tap in the plastic 1/4 inch inflow line to make changing the filter easier which helped a lot to reduce the hastle every six months. Very quick service from the supplier.
Excellent product - Review by Phil
This is an excellent product from a dependable company. The instructions provided make refitting a filter a straightforward task. It is very worthwhile where we live, as occasionally the water gets "cloudy". We are now ensured of a clean supply of fresh-tasting water.
Thank you.
Efficient service - Review by Tony
I got lots of Brownie points when I installed the filter under our kitchen sink about a dozen years ago. We reckon it's like having Evian on tap. Even the dog prefers it.

I've been buying the filter elements from the local plumbers' merchant regularly ever since, but this time tried your service for convenience and price.
We have not been disappointed so may well be using you again, though it will be a while yet: I installed the spare element and now have the two you sent held for later.
Good Filter - Review by MM
I have used these replacement filters for over ten years now and categorically say I have always found them to be reliable and long lasting.
works a treat - Review by Sam
Delivery was very fast. It's all fitted and working great. You guys are very value for money and the quality is very great! Would highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks once again
Excellent - Review by Don
Excellent product
Excellent service
What more could you want
Excellent product, excellent delivery. - Review by Diddyman
This is my first time at reviewing a product on line!
I've had filters from UK Water Filters for the last several years and they have all "cleaned" the tap water very well, in fact each time I've changed one I've been surprised how much " stuff" it collects, the old filters are always black the new ones white!
Both their renewal notice and the renewal stickers are always a reminder to change the unit. One final comment, the filter when delivered fits easily through my letter box flap, no need to wait in!
As you can guess I'm very pleased with UK Water Filters, thank you
Ten inch replacement water filter - Review by Frongog
I have been using the water filters from UK Water Filters for some years now, and found both the filters and the service from the company to be excellent. An email is sent when it is time to renew, the filter arrives within a couple of days and fitting them is straightforward. Our water quality is greatly improved. Any queries are speedily dealt with by phone or email. I remain a satisfied customer!
Excellent - Review by Joy
I am very happy with both the filter and the service you provide.
First class service and product. - Review by Quoine
Excellent response time to inquiry, fast efficient delivery, reminder notice when filter needs replacing, and the product does exactly what it says on the box delivering clean filtered water.
very pleased - Review by Teresa Petherick
We are very pleased with our water filter replacement, it makes such a difference to the taste of the water. We have had the filter for several years now and the replacement filters are so cheap and easy to replace every six months. many thanks to the team.
Fitted OK no problems. - Review by Tony
Fitted OK no problems. The product appears to work satisfactorily, but by the nature of things a proper scientific analysis would be required to assess its effectiveness.
great service - Review by Teresa
we are very pleased with our water filter replacement, it makes such a difference to the taste of the water. We have had the filter for several years now and the replacement filters are so cheap and easy to replace every six months. many thanks to the team.
Excellent service and good product - Review by Maggie
Good to have reminders when filter due for replacement. Prompt delivery and filters good value.
brilliant service - Review by Ann
Filter arrived safely and is working well. My tip?? I fill my iron straight from the filter and haven't had to 'clean' it since.

Many thanks for a brilliant service.
Brilliant system - Review by Marion
We have had this filter system for a good few year - it was reinstated in our new kitchen in 2012. We find it the most economic way to have good drinking water. The ordering of new filters is easy . THANK YOU
Simplicity itself - Review by Jagman
Changing this filter could not be easier. Both the housing and filter are well designed and good value for money. Highly recommended
Good service - quick and easy to fit replacement cartridges - Review by Peter Jewell
Good Service, reminders appreciated. Replacement cartridges are easy to fit.
Good to deal with a positive company - Review by Ian Rowe
I received the filter on time, perfectly happy with the service. Congratulations, it’s good to deal with a positive company who know the product they sell.
very good/excellent - Review by karen
Have bought this product several times, very competitive price. The Company send reminders without being pushy, very polite and pleasant.
Will also help with any other queries.
would recommend.
top quality water filter - Review by mumsy
Excellent quality goods, excellent service at all times.i would highly recommend this company.
Excellent all round - Review by Kath
Always excellent service from a friendly, helpful firm. Fitting instructions useful & easy to follow.
Excellent service - Review by Norman
Speedy delivery & easy to fit. Very satisfied.
Satisfaction - Review by Noneleft
Replacement Water Filter Cartridges are simple to use and effective in performance. No trouble has been experienced in all the time I have been using them. The service is efficient and supportive at all times.
Outstanding Service - Review by Roger
Absolutely 1st Class service. Fast, efficient and highly recommended.
excellent service - Review by Philip
Thankyou for delivery of two new filters which are installed and providing lovely water,very refreshing....excellent service...satisfied customer
Good value fast delivery the product works - Review by William
I have been using UK water filters they send you a reminder (good for me ) when they need to be changed.

They improve the taste of the water easy and quick to fit. Highly recommend .
Great product , great price - Review by Keith
I have been using these filters for a number of years in two very different locations and the results are superb drinking water. If they fit your filter case have no hesitation in buying and it always gets delivered within a couple of days - first class
Very satisfied with the product and back up service - Review by Ampa
A good product relatively easy to install and maintain. Good back--up advice service offered.should you get a problem.
Excellent service - Review by Wilkins
The filter arrived promptly and was not difficult to refit, even by a septuagenarian ! The after sales follow up all adds to a very happy and satisfied customer.
Excellent service - Review by Alan
It arrived OK and fitted my bench top filter was bought from Australia where they are very popular very pleased with your service will use again.

Alan Thompson
Excellent Product and Service - Review by Karl
This company has excellent customer service. Have never had a problem. The products work and delivery is extremely prompt. The reminder emails are a definite plus!
Great Service - Review by GeoWill
UK Water Filters have provided me with excellent service and product for many years. Their service leaves nothing to be desired. They remind you when the filter is due replacement and make ordering simple. A few days after the filter has arrived they then send an email asking if there were any problems. I doubt there could be with the comprehensive instructions provided. First class company.
Good value for money - Review by Shirley
We started with Franke but your products are superior and cheaper
Excellent in every way - Review by Sparky
Had water filter for several years.Normal tap water ok,but often tasted a bit of chlorine .Water filter turned it into bottled water quality.tea tastes better and coffee has been transformed to a real treat.Filter easy to fit and replace cartridge.Company even remind me when replacement is due.Would highly recommend to anyone who likes tea and coffee how they should taste.
Summary - Review by Annie
Great Service, reminder email and the filter.
Thank you
About excellent service - Review by PeterMichael
Once again I have received an excellent service from UK Water Filters, As other people have written in their
reviews, This is a company that makes you feel that you, the customer are important to them, by way of sending reminders when your filter is nearing time for renewal, and after you have ordered your product sending an e-mail to make sure it has arrived in good time and has been fitted with no problems.
Thank you UK Water Filters for a breath of fresh air.
Great reliable service. - Review by Coop
I've dealt with UK water filters for some years, service has always been fast & reliable, with a reminder that the filter needs to be changed every 6 months. I would recommend this company.
Excellent service - Review by Pat
Congratulations UK Water Filters on a 1st class service. The reminders and follow up emails are appreciated.
excelant service top rate product - Review by graham
Once again i received excellant service with my order and top quality product. Will always buy filters from here and im always happy to recommend to collegues and friends.
Absolutely delighted - Review by Fran
Very professional and efficient, but friendly and helpful.
Outstanding Customer Service - Review by Jackie
It's so refreshing to encounter customer service levels that exceed your expectations. A friend treated me to a water filter and I wasn't sure which cartridge to purchase as I couldn't remove the housing. I sent a picture to Sales and within minutes I got a helpful response advising me which one I needed and providing the link for it. Received within days with full instructions to fit. Follow up email from the company asking how it all went. I cannot fault this company and will definitely be happy to purchase again. Good service is not only rare, it's what any savvy company should strive for to retain their valuable customers. Well done. :)
It fits and works well - Review by Humpty Dumpty
This is the first time I have tried this kind of filter. It was sent speedily and fits more easily than the previous one. It does its job well.
Excellent service and quality, very promt, and reliable. - Review by Canary
I have always found over the past three or four years that the service I get from UK Water Filters has been first class. The price is excellent, and as well I was unable to obtain a filter of the size I required from anywhere until I came across UK Water Filters on the internet. I would recommend the company to anyone.
Product quality & service - Review by Teabag
yet again I have got prompt service for my new water filter - with an easy to use web-site and a value for money price - keep up the good work..
Excellent service - Review by Mylene
Very quick despatch as soon as ordered. Excellent service. Reminder every six months to change the cartridge. So, very impressed.
water filter - Review by ridler
great product a guy from water board came to check the quality of our water and while he was there i asked him to check water filter water, he said it was brilliant
Excelent products and service - Review by Griff Worcester
I have been dealing with Uk Water Filters for more than six years, I have always found them to be one of the most conciecious of company's eager to help with queries and information. the product and delivery service are second to none and other online companies could learn from their business ethics and their service!!! Oh! and did I mention they are extremely competative Regards Griff
Excellent product and company. - Review by Bob
Have bought this filter for years. Always arrives promptly and easy to fit. Never any problems. Can reccomend filter and company without hesitation.
Water filter changes. - Review by Harry
Used UK Water Filters for years and have never had a problem. Reminders sent every six months, so I never forget to change it. Also very easy to change.
best filters - Review by Ruth
I only order filters from this Company they always arrive the day after they are ordered. The fact that you are senta reminder when they need to be changed is eextremely useful - many thanks.
Great product and service - Review by William
I have been using the filter system for the past 4 years, which I brought from UK Water filters. The filters are easy to change and company reminds you when the filter needs changing. The water filters are good value and I have never had a problem with the unit. The water taste better after fitting the filter unit so I change the cartridge ever six months and enjoy fresh tasting water. Many thanks
Good Service - Review by ODM
Have been using this company for many years without issues. They can be commended & recommended.
great value - Review by ajp
Been conned by my filter supplier for too long with high prices. Will only use UK water filters from now on.
Great price great product great service
Happy to recommend company and product - Review by Soup Dragon
Good value, reliable product, fast delivery, competitive price. I do appreciates the reminders to replace the cartridges, it would be so easy to forget and thus have substandard water rather than the clean fresh taste of an active filter.
Useful and good service - Review by Brock
The 6 monthly reminder is helpful. Delivery is prompt. No complaint about the quality of the filter.
Great service - Review by DrA
Excellent service, quick delivery and great product. Fitted and fully functional in minutes. Through UK Water Filters this cost us ¼ of the price that the original company that fitted the filter wanted to charge us! We will be a regular customer!
Excellent - Review by Gordon C
I am now om my 4/5 replacement under sink water filters .I have had A! service every time Delivery very quick as other people mention. The filter works fine every time and we get nice drinking water in a area which is not the best tasting water .I always stick to the 6 months replacement and that way I know we will get good water.
very impressive - Review by Charlie
I am writing to congratulate UK Water Filters on being the most speedy and efficient company that We have dealt with. I ordered two water filter cartridges on Tuesday around lunch time - the order confirmation came almost immediately and the cartridges were delivered early the next morning - less than 20 hours from ordering !We are very impressed !Many thanks,
C and D Bowes
nothing but exceptional - Review by Jonathan
It's not often that I take the time to provide feedback, however I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the service provided by your company. The price of the filter was better than anywhere else, the delivery time was exceptional and the instructions on how to fit the filter, plus the customer communication, were excellent.I will certainly be using your company again and will be recommending you to others.Best regards Jonathan
quick delivery - Review by Jeremy
Many thanks. Filter arrived as promised. We will certainly re order from you when new ones are needed. Jeremy
Fitted the Culligan housings perfectly - Review by Peter
Just a quick note to report that the filters arrived in good condition today, that they fitted the Culligan housings and have been installed. Thank you for the excellent advice and service.
Peter Neale
Excellent service - Review by Si
The filter arrived very quickly, has been fitted & seems to be working perfectly. Thanks for not only the excellent service but the reminder email as well.
Simon Morris
Excellent service - Review by Si
The filter arrived very quickly, has been fitted & seems to be working perfectly. Thanks for not only the excellent service but the reminder email as well.
Excellent - Review by Dave
Thanks. Excellent description on site helped me choose which filter I required. This was the main factor I used your company. Quick delivery and good product. I will use you again. Stickers with filter a good idea for me and you getting return business.

Thanks Dave Carter