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Your Brita Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Solution

Thank you. The Brita replacement has arrived. It was very easy to fit and it tastes just as good as the expensive Brita one. I will keep buying these from you. It's a big saving. Alan Powell

If you're finding it difficult to get replacements for your Brita water filter or perhaps are looking for a more economical alternative we can help. Check out our own brand replacement solutions and save money


Watch these quick one minute videos on how we can help you replace your Brita.

Click here for the video on Changing an Inline Brita

Click here for the video on Changing a Brita A1000

Click here for the video on Changing a Brita P1000




How to Replace Your Inline Brita 843 0531 and Save £100 a year - starting now

Replace your Brita 8430531
With our classic "Master Purifier"

Changing Your Inline Brita to Our Better Value Unit / Quick Demo Video


More About This Great Option for Replacing Your Brita Under the sink 8430531

We can supply you with an upgraded new housing unit - to replace your Inline Brita.

You can save over £60 a year !

The top quality new filter you get features our best selling "Master Purifier " water filter.

This cartridge is a carefully designed mix of Granular Activated Carbon - which filters out a wide range of impurities from your tap water giving you great tasting fresh drinking water.

Its powerful performance brings you the best purification in its class.

Here's what it removes from your tap water:

THM's (trihalomethanes) ECB's, OCB's, TME's
90% to 99%
90% to 99%
90% to 99%
Industrial Solvents (halogenated hydrocarbons) PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) PAHs (polycyclic hydrocarbons)
90% to 99%
95% plus
Rust Particles, Silt, Algae
Benzene, Petroleum Solvents, Oil Residues,

Note if you want the anti scale version please see Your Brita In Line Replacement Filter PLUS Anti Scale Filter.

Fitting Your New Unit

This is easy. All you do is basically take the tubing out of the old Brita filter and push it into our new one. (See Video above).

Don't worry. Full and easy fitting instructions are supplied.

And you get a free and friendly pre and after sales helpline.

Plus you have the security of our no quibble Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't like it, for whatever reason, simply send it back and we'll give you a full refund.

We'll even pay for your return postage!


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Changing Your Cartridge

Your filter cartridge will need changing every 6 months.

(The life of the cartridge is double the approx 3 months or 500 Litres of the Brita inline filter. This also means you'll suffer less fuss with changing the filter).


How Much Will it Cost Me?

The price of your replacement cartridges will be £13.95 every 6 months.

The current cost of Brita Inline is around £35 every 3 months.

Switch to this great alternative and you can save approx £97 within a year.

(Plus your ongoing savings will be £112 a year).


Please note if you want an anti-scale cartridge this will cost more. Please call us for the latest prices and your best options.


All this for an initial outlay of

Only £39.95

Including Free UK Delivery

Immediate Despatch 

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Or call us with any questions on 0800 009 6611

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.



Great Choice

Only £39.95
This is the initial cost of the new housing and cartridge.Then only £13.95 for a new cartridge every 6 months.

You can save over £100 a year on original Brita prices

3 Year Warranty


Money Back Guarantee 

Free UK Delivery

Call us with any questions on 0800 009 6611

order now


Please note if you want an anti-scale cartridge this will cost more. Please see Your Brita In Line Replacement Filter PLUS Anti Scale Filter.


Dimensions of your new Housing

Height: approx 14 inches (35cm) at highest point

Width 4.5 inches (110mm) at widest point


Cartridge Dimensions

Height: 9 and 3/4 inches (248mm)

Width: 3 inches (75mm). Can accept any cartridge of correct height with this max width or less. Looking to replace your existing cartridge only?



*Checkout How Much You Can Save

Using our easy to fit filter will give you the following savings.

Initial purchase: Brita £35* / Us £39.95

Ongoing annual costs: Brita £140 / Us £28

You save £112 per year

* Please note the initial Brita cartridge only lasts 3 months / ours last 6 months.

Brita average prices at the time we researched this. You may be able to get them for less - or more!












UK Water Filters Ltd

Author: By Ed Parry