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Dental Surgery Reverse Osmosis System with Pump and TDS Meter

1 x High Quality Dental Reverse Osmosis Water Filter With Pump

Works on all Autoclaves

Kit Includes Everything You Need

Easy and Quick to Fit - Plumber Optional

Free Help and Support

Ten Year Full Parts Warranty

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What you get
Product Description
This has the same performance capability as the Standard Dental Surgery Reverse Osmosis unit - see here for specifications - except this unit also has a pump  essential for surgeries with low water pressure.

Please note if you suspect your pressure is low then opt for this one. It will save a lot of headache and you cannot retrofit a pump on to the standard Dental RO unit.
Dental Surgery Reverse Osmosis System with Pump and TDS Meter
Technical Information

Basic Tech Summary


How Much Water Does it Produce?

Checking Your Water Pressure

Hot Water

RO Tank Material

Changing the Cartridges


Basic Summary

Everything you need to install the system is supplied

Easy to install no plumber should be required

Full instructions included

Free Technical advice to assist with any problems


Capacity / Production Rate - Gallons Per Day (GPD) 50 Gals

Feed temp (Degrees C) 4 to 29



RO unit: 45 cm High x 37 cm wide x 20 cm deep

Storage vessel is 42 cm High x 28 cm wide 

The 12 Litre Tank / Storage Vessel (Freestanding, connected to RO unit by tube, can be placed several yards away - simply ask us for some extra tubing).


The unit should be fed by a water supply that is potable i.e. drinkable.

Please note that Reverse Osmosis is a complex process requiring reliable equipment performing under high pressure. Always know where your water main stopcock is located in the unlikely event of leaks. 

The filter system doesn't have to be at a level below the tap and neither does the tank as long as it's not a gravity fed system.

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How Much Water Does it Produce?

This model will produce 50 GPD ie its "production rate" is 50 gallons per day.

(This assumes perfect conditions ie clean water at the right temperature and that incoming pressure is good).

But when considering how much water is produced by any Reverse Osmosis filter, the most important factor is the size of your RO tank.

This is because your system feeds the tank then stops when it's full.

Here's how it works: When you draw water from your RO you are taking water from the tank. As the tank empties the system refills it at the "production rate" (ie 50 GPD) up to the tank's capacity.

Now, in addition to this, you have to consider that the tank's size is based on the actual physical dimension and not the amount of water it contains. 

You have to also take into account the internal bladder that holds the water inside of the tank.

For example, the bladder inside this unit's nominal 12 litre tank will actually hold between 5 to 9 litres of water. If you draw all the water out of the tank it will take anywhere from half an hour to 4 hours to fill up again - depending on incoming water pressure.

Therefore the amount of water this size produces is 5 to 9 litres per average of 2 hours - on a stop/start basis. (Note that you only have to wait for more water if you fully drain the tank in one go. In our experience this happens very rarely with normal domestic usage).

Other typical tank sizes and the actual water they hold are:

18L nominal tank size: Holds 12 to 15 Litres

40L nominal tank size: Holds 23 to 28 Litres

For High Flow / High Capacity Reverse Osmosis systems click here 

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How To Check Your Water Pressure

The simplest way to check your water pressure is to turn your cold water tap in the kitchen on full. Stand a few feet away. If you are being splashed with at least a few droplets then your pressure should be high enough.

If this is not happening, your local water supplier should be able to tell you what your water pressure is and whether it is likely to drop below 40 psi at any time.

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Hot Water / Temperatures

The Unit Must NOT BE FROZEN.

The Unit is NOT designed to filter HOT water. It should only filter water at ambient temperature. (Feed temp = 4 to 29 degrees C).

However please note that our Reverse Osmosis units are often used to supply filtered water to hot/boiling water taps and other systems where the temperature is changed. That is fine. But the system itself should not filter hot water.

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What are the Materials Inside the Reverse Osmosis Tanks?

Some people are concerned about the materials the RO tanks are made from and how it might impact their purified water.

This is understandable:

Who wants to filter their water carefully only for it to be somehow polluted in the storage vessel while waiting to be used!

(Just to be clear: RO filtration is a highly effective but slow process. Rather than you waiting for the filter to produce enough water for you, the system purifies the water slowly and fills up the storage vessel / tank. When you turn on the RO drinking tap there's several litres of filtered water waiting for you. The system then refills the tank with whatever you took out).

Our RO tanks / storage vessels are made from highly durable steel. The water doesn't touch this - which is a good thing or the highly purified water could cause the metal to release chromium oxide into the water!

Instead, the water is stored inside an airtight rubber bladder / diaphragm.

This is made from "butyl rubber" which is lined with polypropylene - a commonly used food grade plastic (see "Hazard data" below).

All these materials are industry standard. We have never come across and other type of materials for Reverse Osmosis storage tanks - and, collectively, we've been in water filtration for over 50 years.

(Bear in mind that after leaving the tank the water is purified even further by the post filters).

Polypropylene Hazard Data:

No negative health effects and symptoms.

No negative physical and chemical effects.

No hazard for environment.

Sources: 1) ESIS – European Chemical Substances Information System. 2) Hazardous Substance Data Bank (HSDB) – U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2001-1

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Changing the Cartridges 

The five main filter cartridges need to be changed every six months (Cost £47.50 plus VAT).

We will send you a reminder every 6 months to change these filters.


6 Month Five Filter Pack Replacement Code: FRO-DEN-PMP

You can order a spare 6 month five filter pack here

The largest filter, the RO membrane has a life of approx 3 years (This depends on your local water quality) You'll know when a change is needed because of the obvious change in taste. We send you a reminder every three years.

Cost of replacement membrane is £79


Replacement Membrane Filter Code: MEM-RO

You can order a spare membrane filter here

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