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Dental Surgery Reverse Osmosis System with TDS meter

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Everything You Need to Get Your Practice Water Filtered to a Very High Standard

  • 1 x High Quality Reverse Osmosis Water Filter system
  • 1 x TDS High Sensitivity Testing Kit
  • Easy to Fit - No Plumber Required
  • All Required Tubing
  • 1 x Set of High Quality Cartridges - All You Require
  • 1 x Optional Drinking Water tap
  • DIY Fitting - Easy instructions
  • Free Delivery - Shipped Immediately
  • Guaranteed for 3 years
  • See more product details and Testimonials

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Product Details

Water Filters for UK Dental Surgeries

High quality, reliable units, specially designed for UK Dentists.

Key benefits

  • Remove up to 99.98% of impurities from UK mains water.
  • Reasonably priced - can save you thousands compared with some alternatives.
  • Full, courteous support provided by experienced professionals.
  • Easy to install.
  • Ideal for autoclaves / sterilisers.
  • Featuring a demineraliser post-membrane filter cartridge to guarantee
    consistent high quality water.
  • Will last for many years 
  • Replacement parts will always be easy to find. 
  • Including a TDS meter to measure water quality

Traditionally Dental Surgeries have used distillers to purify their water. However these are expensive and have various disadvantages - not least the cost of electricity which can add up to hundreds of pounds a year.

Or you might be getting ionised water delivered. That can be cheaper. But there's the hassle of deliveries plus the admin time in paying the regular invoices etc.

Our preferred method for purifying your water is Reverse Osmosis (RO). This is a highly efficient way of purifying water which has become an increasingly popular solution for UK dentists.


RO is a relatively quick easy one time installation that requires no electricity and removes a wide range of contaminants from mains tap water.

See a Table of the problem contaminants removed by this special Dental Surgery Water Filter



Many UK dental surgeries can end up paying many hundreds of pounds - or even more - for their water purification systems.

This certainly isn't necessary.

The special dental surgery RO we present you with only has a few modifications to a standard RO system.

It's important to note that Reverse Osmosis is a process. It doesn't have "degrees of performance" - it either works or it doesnt... So if you are paying a lot more for one RO system over another you need to ask why.

We have seen some dental surgeries who have been sold very expensive water filters which are basically ROs with a fancy cover - and possibly extra filtration such as Ultra Violet (UV) - which frankly just isn't necessary.

(UV is another highly effective method of killing bacteria etc. But it is designed for non municipal water supplies. Adding it to an RO is completely unnecessary. The RO already deals with the bacteria plus many more contaminants. But perhaps the extra UV helps justify a high price tag ! )

However, even though our filters are of a higher quality than many on the market, we are offering them to you here at a Special Offer price of only £367


Read More

More Information on Dental Practice Water Filters

The Difference Between Reverse Osmosis And Distilled Water

Installing The System

Replacing The Filters

Unit Size and Dimensions

Is Your Water Pressure High Enough

List of contaminants removed by Reverse Osmosis


More Information on Dental Practice Water Purifiers

RO filtration gives you very high quality purified water. It removes just about every contaminant you can think of.

(Many dangerous contaminants, like bacteria, are taken out at the water treatment plants. However other contaminants get left in the water which RO will remove).


Be wary about buying a cheap RO.

While ROs do remove nearly all micro-organisms, cheaply made and/or deteriorating parts can greatly increase the risk of contamination through tiny leaks in the seals within the system.


The Issue of Waste Water

As part of the Reverse Osmosis filtering process about 70% to 80% of the water is rejected.

The "waste / rejected water" is automatically sent down the drain.

However please note that this is only lost from the water supply you are filtering - ie to your sterilising equipment and not necessarily all the water you use in the surgery - though you could certainly use the RO for drinking water aswell.

(This dental surgery water filter also comes with a special filtered water drinking tap which you can place in your staff kitchen area).


It also comes with a post membrane demineralising cartridge plus a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter - which measures the electrical conductivity / quality of your output water and helps you monitor the state of the crucial membrane filter.

What's the Difference Between Reverse Osmosis And Distilled Water?

Many dental surgeries use distilled water. Reverse Osmosis and water distillation are totally different processes.

A distiller boils water, catches the steam, and condenses it back into water while Reverse Osmosis filter water through a semi-porous membrane. Both systems rely on carbon water filters to remove some chemicals.

While Distillation removes sodium and other minerals better than Reverse Osmosis, they are not that good at removing volatile chemicals with a low boiling point.

However both processes produce very pure water. The only real difference is in the economics. Reverse Osmosis tends to be much cheaper at least compared to the ongoing service contracts charged to Dental practises by distilled water producers.

Installing The System

Everything you need is in the pack.

It's very easy to install. No plumber is necessary - unless perhaps you have a complex autoclave system.

The unit feeds to a 1/4 inch diameter pipe (6.4mm). These are the standard size and most autoclaves will accept them with a simple quick fit connection.

(Please note we can supply adapters if necessary - free of charge).

Or you may want to hand feed your steriliser - in which case you simply use the special dispensing tap that is included in your kit.

When installing the unit you might need a plumber if your undersink pipework is different from standard. But this should be a simple, one hour job for them at most.

Otherwise it is all designed to be done by someone who's basically competent at DIY.

Full instructions are included. It should take 20 or 30 minutes. You will need a normal electric drill. That's all.

And we've got friendly (and free) support available.

Replacing Your Filters

Like all water filters you will need to replace the filters on the system periodically to ensure maximum performance.

You need to change three of the filters every 6 months.

We send you free reminders.

The current cost for the full replacement kit is is £34.

Replacing these is very easy and will take a few minutes at most.

Please note that these replacement parts will be easy to find anywhere. This is an important consideration in a market where many entrants come in - often with specially made filters with unique replacement parts - only to disappear.

Our units use agreed industry standard size cartridges, membranes and other parts. So in the unlikely event of our disappearing, you will never be left high and dry. (We've been in business for approx 10 years).


Every 3 years or so you will need to change the membrane filter.

You will know when to do this by monitoring your TDS meter readings. (Full instructions are supplied)

The current cost of a new membrane is £79.

All the required filters are included when you purchase the RO system.

For technical specifications and Dimensions click the tab above

Is Your Water Pressure High Enough

How To Check Your Water Pressure is OK

Read about how Reverse Osmosis works

For full performance details of our RO units please click here

Supplied complete with all fittings and ready for immediate installation - including tap

Features Summary:

Everything you need to install the system is supplied

Simple installation no plumber needed

Full instructions included

Easy to use

Reliable operation

Free Technical Helpline to assist with any problems

Full Money Back Guarantee

Compact design

Failsafe flow restrictor

Auto shut-off/on full tank

Pre and post filters need to be changed every six months (current cost £34 incl VAT and delivery)

Reminders to change are sent

State-of-the-art TFC membranes have a life of approx 3 years - depending on local water quality.

(The TDS meter included in the pack will indicate when a change is needed. Current cost of replacement membrane filter is approx £79 incl VAT


RO unit 410 mm High x 340 mm x 140 mm

Storage vessel is 420 mm High x 280 mm wide (The storage vessel can be placed several yards from the RO unit).


Recent Questions:

(09:14:27) Hayley: We are looking at purchasing the Dental Surgery Reverse Osmosis, could you tell me how much water you feed in to how much sterilised water you get out?

(09:26:54) UKWF Staff: Hello Hayley. Thank you for your question. As part of the Reverse Osmosis filtering process about 70% to 80% of the water is rejected.


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RO unit
410 mm High x 340 mm x 140 mm

Storage vessel is 420 mm High x 280 mm wide (The storage vessel can be placed several yards from the RO unit).

Your Money Back Guarantee

For full performance details of our RO units please click here

Need advice?
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Here's what you get ...

• 1 x high quality Reverse Osmosis water filter system
1 x TDS high sensitivity water testing meter
• 1 x quick "no-plumber" connection to your water supply
All required tubing
1 x Set of high quality cartridges - all you require
1 x optional drinking water tap
Everything you need to get your practice sterlising water filtered to a very high standard
• Easy instructions
• Free Delivery
Guaranteed for 3 years






Shipped Immediately

With FREE Delivery

Purchase with Total Confidence

Three Year Warranty

Plus your

Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get send it back for a full no quibble refund.


If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

Please order now to secure today's sale price




Technical information


Technical Specifications


Capacity Gallons per day (GPD) 50 Gals / Day Feed Water Pressure 3 bar min to 6 bar max Feed temp (Degrees C) 4 to 29


RO Unit

Height 410mm Width 340mm Depth 140mm

9 Litre Storage Vessel (Free standing, connected to RO unit by tube, can be placed several yards away)


Storage Vessel Height 420mm Storage Vessel Diameter 280 mm Storage Vessel Capacity (max) 9 ltr The unit should be fed by a water supply that is potable ie drinkable.



What is Removed

Aluminium 96-98%
Ammonium 80-90%
Bacteria 99%+
Boron 50-70%
Cadmium 93-97%
Calcium 93-98
Chloride 92-95%
Chlorine 98%+
Chromate 85-95%
Copper 96-98%
Cyanide 85-95%
Fluoride 92-95%
Hardness 93-97%
Iron 96-98%
Lead 95-98%
Magnesium 93-98%
Manganese 96-98%
Mercury 94-98%
Nickel 96-98%
Nitrate 80-95%
Phosphate 95-98%
Potassium 92-96%
Silica 80-90%
Silicate 92-95%
Silver 93-96%
Sodium 92-98%
Sulphate 96-98%
Thiosulphate 96-98%
Zinc 96-98%

Please note that Reverse Osmosis is a complex process requiring reliable equipment performing under high pressures. Always know where your water main stop cock is located in the unlikely event of leaks The Unit Must NOT BE FROZEN The Unit is NOT designed to filter HOT water. It should only filter water at ambient temperature.


Is Your Water Pressure High Enough

The unit is designed to operate between 40 psi (2.75 bar) to 80 psi (6 bar) (psi = pounds per square inch) Please note that the only problem you are likely to encounter with operating a Reverse Osmosis unit in your home is if the water pressure is not high enough. The vast majority of UK homes have water pressure that is higher than the required 40 psi.


How To Check Your Water Pressure

The simplest thing to do is to turn your cold water tap in the kitchen on full. Stand a few feet away. If you are being splashed with at least a few droplets then your pressure should be high enough. If this is not happening you should call your local water supplier. They should be able to tell you what your water pressure is and whether it is likely to drop below 40 psi at any time.



Local water pressure can change - for example as a result of local road works etc. If the unit stops producing as much water as before check if your pressure has changed before calling us. Thank you

Capacity Gallons per day (GPD) 50 Gals / Day Feed Water Pressure3 bar min to 6 bar max Feed temp (Degrees C) 4 to 29 RO Unit Height 410mm Width 340mm Depth140mm 9 Litre Storage Vessel (Free standing, connected to RO unit by tube, can be placed several yards away) Storage Vessel Height 420mm Storage Vessel Diameter 280 mm Storage Vessel Capacity (max) 9 ltr The unit should be fed by a water supply that is potable ie drinkable.

Customer Reviews / Testimonials

Far Better - Review by Boroughbridge Dental Centre
We used to use a distiller in the decom room but it wasn't quick enough.

This unit is far better. It fills a jug up in one go rather than having to wait around half the morning. And it's much more cost effective.

Very happy with this - Review by LANCASTER DENTAL CLINIC
Very happy with this. The CQC told us we should get one of these and you were recommended by Patersons when they did a refurb. It's a big improvement on what we had before.

We used to have an Elga - Review by BAMFORD DENTAL PRACTICE
We used to have an Elga that sat on the wall. But when it ran out we'd need to order another and have to wait till it arrived. and it was expensive - about £100 every 6 months. So we looked at alternatives and found this one which is much better value. What we also like is the screen readout of the water quality so we know the expensive autoclaves are being looked after.

Very good product. - Review by FAIROAKS SURGERY
Very good product. We've had it for almost 4 years now. We set it up as an extra tap in the kitchen - which comes with the kit. We take the filtered water from that to fill the autoclave every couple of days. We also use it for our drinking water and it tastes great. No need for the staff to buy mineral water anymore! We used to use Ionised bottled water but it was fiddly. We used to have to order it in and have a lot of bottles lying around. They got in the way and were heavy to lift.

We also use it for the water going to the drills but add some altron for that. It's simple and highly cost effective compared to other options.

Kim Senior Nurse

Efficient and very cost effective - Review by The Village Dentists / Cramlington
We used to have a large distilled water machine which cost a fortune. We got this reverse osmosis filter when we moved into the new practice. We use it for the autoclaves and are very happy with it. There's no more waiting around for the distilled water. Now it's on tap whenever we need it so it saves us a lot of time. It works very well. Plus the replacement filters are very easy to fit.

Better than our old one - Review by Wyndham House Dental Practice
We used to use a smaller water purifier but it was clogging up our autoclaves. This RO was recommended to us. It's useful and works fine. In fact it's much quicker than the old purifier which we had to wait around to fill up. This system is instant. We did have an issue with a tap but the company sent out another promptly for free.

Good - Review by Sarah / Jackson and Gillies Dental Practice
Bought this three years ago. Works very well. Has saved us money


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Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like what you get, send it back for a full no quibble refund.

If for any reason you decide to return your purchase we promise you a no questions asked THREE MONTH Money Back Guarantee. Click here to read the "large print" about our Money Back Guarantee

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UK Water Filters Ltd

Author: By Ed Parry