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How to Sterilise / Sanitise Your Reverse Osmosis Filtration Unit

It can be a good idea to disinfect your RO to make sure no bacteria builds up in the tank and tubes that sit in line after the main filtration process.

(The RO filter removes bacteria. But bacteria could slowly grow up in the tank and tubes after that stage.)

When to do this

Guidelines vary between every time you change the filters to once every year or two - to almost never!

Basically the hotter the country - where bugs grow more easily - the more often you should do it.

Carry out the following process before changing to a new set of filters.

Time Required

Ten minutes to remove the cartrdiges and sterlise the system.

Then wait between one to three hours to let the tank fill and empty three times (exact time depends on your local water pressure.)

How to / Steps

1) Turn off the water supply to the unit

2) Drain the tank by turning on the tap/faucet and let it run dry

3) Remove all the two bottom cartidges from their housings and the membrane cartridge - that’s the largest one on the top (It can be tight so use a coat hanger or thin pliers to pull this out

4) Leave the other OLD filters on top of the unit in place (ie carry out this disinfection process before changing the filters)

5) Close all the empty housing chambers fully but with the first housing

6) In the first housing chamber put two 30ml capfuls of MILTON (or similar) disinfectant

7) Make sure the tap/faucet on the sinktop is CLOSED

8) Now turn on the water supply and let the tank fill up (this might take 30 mins to 2 hours depending on your incoming pressure

9) Drain the tank by repeating steps 1 and 2

10) Flush any remaining disinfectant from the system by repeating steps 7 8 and 9.

11) Turn off the water supply

12) Install the new cartridges

13) Turn the water supply back on (Make sure the sink top tap/faucet is Closed)

14) Let the tank fill up again and you’re good to go!


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