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Instructions for Installing a Leakstop Leak protector

Product Codes: LeakStop


Instructions for fitting your LeakStop / Leak protector

Note: The LeakStop should always be fitted BEFORE where the water comes into the filtration equipment.

This is to ensure that incoming water is cut off in the event of a leak.

Step by Step Installation

Turn off the water from the main water supply valve.

Open the sink tap to relieve any pressure that might be in the pipe. Turn off the tap when there is no longer any air or water escaping from the tap.

Once it is safe to do so, disconnect tubing from the inlet side of the filter housing unit.

Now simply place the leak controller “in line” on the tubing between the water supply and your water filter

If existing tubing is 1/4" it can be inserted directly into the inlet (marked in) connection on the Leak Stop Plus device. (If you have a different size tubing, see note *below.)

Connect the tubing from the outlet (marked out) of the leak stop to the filter housing. 

Important Note

To ensure the water supply is shut-down as quickly as possible make sure the Leak Stop is fitted on a flat surface, for example at the bottom of the cupboard which the filter is installed in.

THE UNIT ONLY STOPS A LEAK WHEN IT IS WET so make sure it is flat on the floor where water from a leak will gather

Water supply can once again be turned on,
check for any leaks from tubing.


*Other size tubing

The in out ports are 1/4 inch. If you have a different size measure the outside diameter and get a tube to tube adapter here.


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