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Instructions for Installing your Shower Replacement Cartridge

Product Code: FCS1000

These are simple to fit

Check this video

Fitting note: The flat part of this cartridge faces the OUTLET so you drop the flat part in to the opened show head


Unscrew the back of the shower head, above the green band.

(To unscrew, turn 'lefty loosey' anti-clockwise.)

It might feel "tight" but is actually a well-engineered, smooth turning action. So keep turning!

Once unscrewed, replace the old cartridge inside with the new one.

The flat part of the cartridge faces DOWN as you drop it in ie faces the outlet / sprinkler.

The raised part faces up towards the screw cap.

Then screw back on the end cap - righty tighty.

That's it!

About that Green Dial Thingy!

The green ring / numbered part around the head is so that you can set a reminder of the month you installed the filter

OR the month that it is due to be changed.

You can move the dial into place by unscrewing the shower head cap.

The cartridge will slot into the shower head upright so that the dots / holes on the filter meet the holes on the shower head

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