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Instructions for Installing your TP-DES Water filter Tap

Product Code: TP-DES

Thank you for your purchase. Please find enclosed your new tap. Please follow the instructions below carefully. (Depending  on your circumstances some may not apply. But you can use these instructions as your general guide). 

VIDEO available. This is for a slightly different model but is much the same.

TOOLS Required: Drill - with 12mm drill bit. Spanner or pliers


STEP 1: Select the position of the tap on your counter or sink unit. 

TIP Ensure you have room underneath to connect filter to bottom of tap.  Now drill a 12mm hole. TIP use a smaller drill bit first to make a “pilot hole”. 

STEP 2: Remove “A nut” - the upper ‘smaller one' - from tap tail and push tap tail through  hole, first making sure that the above counter washers are fitted to tail.  (These are: (i) Thin bendy rubber washer (if you have two rubber washers of the  same size you can keep one as a spare) 

STEP 3: Having inserted tap tail through the hole now secure the tap underneath the counter  by using the other parts. (ii) Rigid plastic washer (iii) castellated metal washer, then  (iv) the “lock washer” using a spanner to tighten this up and secure the tap. 

Connect the spare plastic pipe to the bottom of the tap

(IF ALREADY CONNECTED – see how they join up, undo before fitting tap and rejoin as below). 

This is the pipe that is not connected to the saddle valve. See Image 2 

(a) Place the 2nd larger “bottom” B nut (i) onto this tube,  

(b) then the small white plastic “olive” (ii). This might be hidden under the B nut

(c) Push this about 1cm down the tube (Tip heat the olive in hot water to make it  expand and fit more easily over the tube).  

(d) Now push the tube up into the tap tail an inch or so.  

(e) Now bring the nut up so that the small white plastic “olive” is pressed into the  tap tail. (This makes it water tight).  

(f) Finger tighten this nut then secure firmly with at least two ull spanner turns.  This secures the pipe into the tap tail. 


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