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Instructions for Replacing Your Cartridge Media / Powder

Product Codes: INST-ASC-REF .....ASC Refills ASC2-REF1 | ASC2-REF2 | ASC2-REF4 | ASC3-REF1 | ASC3-REF2 | ASC3-REF4  I GAC-USC-REFILL

Step One: Open the Housing Unit

a) Turn off the water supply.

b) Take a bucket and place it under the filter housing to catch any water spillage.

c) Then press the red button on top of the housing unit (if you have one) to release pressure. 

d) Use the spanner to unscrew the lower housing bowl from the head (lefty loosey / righty tighty!)

Caution: When opening do not use the protruding in/out ports for leverage or you risk damage.

Step Two: Open the Cartridge / Replace the Powder

e) Remove the cartridge and open it (i.e. unscrew the bottom cap).

f)  Discard the old media.

(This can be composted or should go in the bin. It’s not recyclable).

g) Discard any loose sponges that might be in the cartridge.

(These were supplied with your original cartridge casing but they aren't necessary at all for the operation of the anti-scale media and will start to deteriorate over time so it’s best to remove and bin them).

h) Wash out the cartridge casing with cold water.

i) Clean the rubber washer on top of the cartridge casing to remove any residue

j) Carefully pour the new media into the cartridge casing/s

NOTE You will probably get “carbon fines” dust in the air. This will be minimal. They are harmless  but if you’re asthmatic you may choose to do the pouring outside.

NB: There should be a GAP / SPACE of about 2 inches between the powder and the top of the cartridge - this is because the powder slowly expands when wet.

Do not overfill

k) Insert the cartridge back into the housing unit - noting the marking on the cartridge to position top and bottom correctly.

Optionally put some Vaseline on the housing cartridge thread to make it easier to open next time (but do not put Vaseline on the cartridges). Close housing. Do not over tighten.

l) Turn the water supply back on. (If you have a bypass valve make sure it is turned back on). 

Open up your cold water taps for 5 minutes to flush and let any trapped air escape.

Please note the water may look cloudy for a while but will settle down. 

IMPORTANT NOTE If storing a bag of refill media for longer than four months pour the contents into an airtight container. This is because the recycled plastic bags we use can deteriorate in certain conditions. In any event, store in a cool & dry place.

Tip: Slow down the flow rate if you are using anti-scale media - where more contact time with the water makes the media more effective.  We recommend setting the flow speed to 2 Litres per minute.  You can use the quick-connect shut off valve you would have received with your original order to control the flow rate. If you don’t have one please ask us for one.

Any Problems? Please Telephone 020 8761 6611

Important Note re Reminders

To avoid long term bacteria build-up it is important to change or disconnect your water filter on time.

We will email you reminders when it's time to change, but please make sure you whitelist our email address so these reminders aren't sent to spam.

And/ or set an alarm now on your mobile or use Siri etc

Please note your feedback and any suggestions as to how we can improve our service are always appreciated.


Thank you

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