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More satisfied water filter customers

Thank you for checking everything ok with water filter The water filter arrived very promptly and I fitted it that same night.The instructions were very clear and easy to follow and I was pleasantly surprised how straightforward everything was.I will certainly order replacements from you again Regards P.Bennett 19/05/05

Yes, thank you received and fitted, will be in touch in around six months!Martyn Hyde Martyn H 18/05/05

Yes thanks! Arrived promptly and fitted very easily. My sister-in-law bought a Samsng fridge/freezer 2 months after I did do your website details have already been forwarded to her with a glowing recommendation.I am most impressed with your after sales customer care! J Roots 18/05/05

Thanks, filter received, fitted and working perfectly. Nice to see you check with a follow-up email. Who says you don't get customer service when you order over the internet! Jason 02/05/05

Thank you for you prompt and excellent service. The filter arrived within days of ordering and the customer feedback is a fantastic idea, if only more online companies took your care and concern. Brilliant!,I shall recommend you without he sitation. S Smith 22/04/05

Many thanks for the email and advice, I can confirm that I have fitted the filter and all is well.Having searched for months to find a company that understood my problem and having seen many blank faces when asked for help and advice, your company saved the day. I was beginning to think that I was wrong and that I owned an 'odd' fridge. The filter and adaptor supplied were exactly what was required and my sanity has been restored, I will be re-ordering in 6 months time.Best regards Martin F 21/04/05

OK Hopefully we've made our point. We're lovely !

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


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