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Your ASC3000 Cartridge Renewal Options

How to Renew Your ASC3000 Anti Scale Super Taste Cartridge

You have two options:

Option One

Get a new anti-scale cartridge and simply swop out the one you already have.

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Option Two

Your green alternative: Reduce Plastic waste

You already have one of our ASC3000 anti-scale cartridges.

The cartridge itself - ie the white plastic casing will last for at least 2 or 3 years. And it’s refillable

So instead of us sending you a new cartridge every time you need to change, and you throwing the casing away, this way we simply send you this easy-refill anti-scale sachet

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Note: Please scroll to the bottom of that page to see "Related producs" for discount deals eg 2 bags for £x

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