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Water Filters

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High Flow Filters

Our high flow particulate / sediment removal filters are your perfect fit for filtering out solid particles suspended in water.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications. These filters are used in factories / industrial settings, hotels, restaurants, schools, agriculture and so on.

Made from top quality, robust, food grade material, these filters are suitable for food products and drinking water.

Can be used in conjunction with other filters eg UltraViolet sterlising systems (eg for untreated / “raw” water), taste and odour improvement and so on.


This industrial range gives you a choice of three filters that can handle flow rates from 18 to 30 m³/h

Excellent choice of filtering “fineness” - ie particle size reduction - ranging in size from 1 to 300 microns.
These will work on any of the 3 units ie with 250L 400L and 500L per minute max flow rates


Low cost Replacement Filters (Come in 5 piece sets) 

Micron size options: 1µ / 5µ / 10µ / 25µ / 50µ / 100µ / 150µ / 300µ


  • Long lifetime / Full Warranty
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply from a long-established manufacturer
  • Maintenance-lite
  • Very low pressure drop

Click on your preferred size below for full product details

If you have a different flow requirement please contact us to discuss. (We have a wide range of options - or can put you onto the right place).

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