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Anti-Scale - Drinking Water Only

Yes I want to reduce scale / hardness / scum in my tea / coffee

Scale (ie Limescale) is that hard, white-ish, chalky deposit that you will see in your kettle - if you are in an affected part of the UK. It stains your surfaces and shows as scum / film in your tea or coffee. Normal water filtering doesn't remove limescale - this requires a different process. Unfortunately, it's also more expensive.

Below are your combined water filtering / anti-limescale options. People who buy these tend to want scum-free hot drinks. The scale can also badly affect your water boilers, radiators and bathroom surfaces. To deal with those issues - as well as scale free water - check out these new whole house saltless water softeners.


Your Scale-Free Drinking Water Options

(Click here for Whole of House anti scale solutions)