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More comments from our customers

More comments from our satisfied customers

Water Filter arrived very swiftly and is now fitted and working. Thank you for prompt service. I will be a returning customer and will recommend you. Monicamain 03/09/06

Thanks for the filter - received it exceptionally fast, and once again I commend you on your outstanding service. Gail C 02/09/06

Thankyou alot for message. I have just checked my messages, its been about 2-3 weeks since i got the filter. I fitted it the next day since i needed it urgently, and thankyou for the delivery. I had no problems fitting the filter, as the instructions were very clear. thanks again! Akil 30/08/06

Good morning !I just to say that I am more than satisfyed.It was very easy to order and the delivery was very prompt.So thank you again very much! Regards M H Appun 30/08/06

Excellent service. Thanks again. Rannoch D 25/08/06

Thank you for your very efficient service,filter received this morning 22nd, at 9.45 am, as is said fitted and working! our worries for a replacement have been allayed.Kindest regards H Senior 22/08/06

Got your em@il.The filters arrived and I am delighted with my purchase.Thanks Gary 13/08/06

Thank you for your concern, the water filter has arrived and been installed with no difficulty. We are very pleased with it and grateful that you've saved us having to buy an LG filter for over £60 more Mick 13/08/06

I received this filter on Friday.Thank you very much,cracking service.Regards T Hunter 12/08/06

Great service as usual, filter received within a couple of days (as I have come to expect from you!). I never delay fitting as I rely upon your reminders as the time to change.Regards, Brian 03/08/06

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