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KitchenAid Fridge Filter Replacement Cartridges

KitchenAid Fridges can have one of the following Ice and Water Filter Cartridge types

The KitchenAid Puriclean II PUR UKF8001

The Puriclean II usually fits into the KitchenAid fridge housing that opens like a crocodile's mouth - which is often at the top of the fridge.

Replaces the following types

KitchenAid 4396395
KitchenAid 4396395
KitchenAid 8171032
KitchenAid 8171249

Click here for All information on the KitchenAid Puriclean II Fridge Ice and Water Filter Cartridge


KitchenAid Ultimate Fridge Water Filter - SBS002 / 4812 817 29632

The KitchenAid / Whirlpool SBS002 / 4812 817 29632 Ultimate fridge water filter replaces KitchenAid fridge filters with a filter in the outside facing grille at the bottom of the fridge. It also replaces the KitchenAid deluxe


About KitchenAid

KitchenAid is a US based kitchenware manufacturer established in 1919. It is presently owned by the Whirlpool Corporation. A stand mixer was the first machine to carry the KitchenAid brand and it was back in 1918. Their early products were mostly used in commercial kitchens. Later they manufactured lightweight and smaller sized mixers for home use.

The KitchenAid stand mixer is considered an icon of American design. The company goes by the tagline “For the way it's made".

KitchenAid currently manufactures a wide range of products including dishwashers, refrigerators, blenders, food processors, hand mixers, water filters, compactors, ice makers and microwaves. Under the cooking appliances category you can purchase ovens, cooktops, duel fuel ranges, electric ranges, gas ranges, warming drawers and other cooking and convection devices. Their ventilation systems can be selected to match the exact needs of every kitchen.

The Kitchen Aid Water Filter Removes: Chlorine, Sediment, Nitrates, Turbidity, Benzene, radon, solvents, trihalomethane compounds, volatile organic chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. It has the ability to retain beneficial fluoride while reducing the taste of chlorine and the odor. Using refrigerator water filters is economically and environmentally beneficial than using bottled water.

These filters are available for all types of KitchenAid refrigerators including Bottom-Freezer, French Door, Side-by-Side, Top Freezer and Under Counter. You can purchase these filter cartridges in 1 pack, 2 pack, 3 pack or 4 pack sizes.

KitchenAid advices to replace the filter every six months. You can remove the filter cartridge by simply turning it.

Drink to your health

Our water filter systems can remove harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, and unhealthy chemical contaminants such as Chlorine, while at the same time leaving in the essential minerals your body needs.


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